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Thursday, July 30, 2009

TMS 100 Followers Giveaway!

To earn entries in the drawing for these fabulous prizes, Keep reading.... Here's how it works. There are 3 ways to earn entries.

Part ONE- Earn 1 Entry- Must be a follower (reader sounds better)- Submit your entry by leaving a comment in the entry form below. You can only enter once using this method. ( more than one entry will not be accepted/ deleted)

Part TWO- Earn 1 additional Entry- Refer someone to follow my site, If they follow/subscribe and complete the entry form below you earn an additional entry. The person you refer would need to enter themselves and also mention that they were "referred by __________ (your name/blog here) 1 entry for them, 1 more for you!! ( possible entries are unlimited here, however only one entry per person referred)

**So don't forget me to put on your Referred by:**

Part THREE- So I was asking my almost 7 year old daughter about a fun idea for a the contest. She suggested a guessing jar. So the last portion of the contest is called Rissa's Jar. She has put lipsticks in a jar and counted them out. What a fun idea, right! So comment below and indicate how many lipsticks you think are in Rissa's Jar. If you are right you will earn 5 additional entries. If your guess is within 5 of the correct number you will earn 2 additional entries. All thanks for the extra chances goes to miss Marissa!

**For the Link, click the photo**

Last July Haul

O my gawd! I finally received my last haul for this month. As you remember I posted my pre-order hauls, now they are on my hands and definitely loving it! After 2 months of waiting...
Actually, this is my first time to have a watch because my skin easily get irritated even in gold and silver jewelries. Tita Mac is always generous in giving freebies and entertaining some products need some price quotation.

I just love them

Harajuku Lovers Watch

Victoria Secret Berry kiss

The Freebies

Mary Kate and Ashley Lipgloss-- clear(it smells like bubble gum)
Mary Kate and Ashley Mascara--- lagoon(blue violet)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update and Giveaways!!

Hi ladies! I'm back from nowhere! just kidding... I just got home. Me and my hubby met up last night and have a goodnight sleep somewhere, I'm just very happy. Actually we barely see each other, normally once in a month but since I have a hectic schedule as a graduating student(hopefully) it turned out once in a two months :(. We really miss each other and we had a lot of talk and laughter, it's just that I feel very relieved when I'm with him as if I don't have tons of projects and requirements to think of!

Anyways! There's a lot of fun loving giveaways by our fellow bloggers! So let's start with:

link? click the title of each giveaway

1. You Must Be A Follower! duh!
2. Mention my Giveaway in a post on your blog! Link it & post my rules also.
3. Leave me comment in THIS post; "Blush Me Two Times, Babe!" & leave the link post to the post you made about my give away & YOUR NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS!
4. Good Luck Ladies!!!

* This Liz is LOVING giveaway will go from today July 21st-Friday, July 31st!
* Be a follower/friend/stalker of Itsunbeweavable.com...if you're new let me know! I heart new stalkers and want to say hi!
* Visit Mandizzle on Etsy if you haven't already...you will die.
* Let me know which color Ropey you would prefer-Ivory or Silver.
* If you tweet/re-post/pimp this out/sidebar lemme know, I'll enter you again and again! Just tell me in separate comments for random drawing purposes. Twitter (MissLizzyMarie) You can/should also follow Mandizzle if you don't already at MissMandizzle

Blissfully Enamored Giveaway!

Here is how you can enter:
1. Leave your name and email address as a comment!
2. Become a follower of my blog! (let me know!)
3. Go to Ribbons And Lace's Etsy shop. Come back and tell me what your favorite item is!
4. Post on your blog about my giveaway! (post the link in the comments section)

you just need to be a follower and leave a comment on this post telling me why you like my blog and it would be sweet of you if you would post about this giveaway on your blog. you have time until the 11th of august 8pm (german time). The winner will be drawn at random by moi. If more than 10 people take place then I'll add some more goodies for you!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post and be sure to include your email address. The last day to enter is July 30th and the winner will be announced on July 31st.

Don't forget to tell your friends so they can enter, too!

Elle's Giveaway!


1st Prize
Sleek Palette (of your choice)
Barry M Dazzle dust (of your choice)
MAC Lipstick OR Eyeshadow (colour of your choice)
Gosh Lipstick OR Nail Varnish (your choice)

2nd Prize
Cargo Blush in Lyon
Sleek Palette of your choice (as long at is not sold out!)
Barry M Dazzle Dust (of your choice)

3rd Prize
Barry M Nail Varnish (colour your choice)
Barry M Dazzle Dust (colour your choice)

Contest closes on the 31st July 2009 at 6pm GMT.

Good Luck and remember to follow!

So ladies, what is your waiting for join all of this fab contest!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lady GaGa's Paparazzi Inspired Look

It's a rainy Monday today and I don't have anything to do that is why I do a look from the music video of Lady Gaga. I love Lady Gaga's fashion statement and style and also her music. I really like Paparazzi full video although its spanking 8:14 minutes I think, she's really full of surprises like the mickey mouse costume and Stevie Wonder glasses. I'm not good in imitating the exact look but I tried my best! hehehehe!

What I used:

Ever Bilena 24 E/S
CG Eye Enhancer in Onyx
CG eye Enhancer in Platina
CG Smoothers in Soft Beige
Estee Lauder Natural Pallet

the lipstick that I'm using is the one that I featured on my Experiment click here

More pics:

I hope you like it ladies...

can you help me do a Betty Boop's lips?

what do you think suited for me?

NYX Thalia?
NYX Tea Rose

please I need your suggestions

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Haul and another giveaway!

I know, i know... I promised that my last post was my last haul for this month but surely I can't get enough from buying things and I want to get away from my bumps. It supposed to be a facial wash, a toner and Lensflo for my contact lens only but when my BFF go to the cosmetic section, I saw a white and black eye liner that I was lemming for! What should I do?

See what I got:

Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Wash
Clean and Clear Toner
Charmee Wet Wipes
F21 Stick in Pearl
Ever Bilena Eye liner in Black
Eyemo red eyes formula
Cellulose Pad (make up remover)

swatch of F21(white) and Ever Bilena(black)

now, I really hope that this is my last haul for July : C



NuNu Doll's Giveaway!

1-You must have a blog on blogger. (You have no idea how many people emailed me with no blogs on my last giveaway)
2-You must be a follower of my blog as well as my boyfriend. Trust me, I will check, and yes you will be disqualified if you aren't subscribed to both of our blogs.
3-Leave a comment on this entry saying "banana peppers." Yes, I am serious.
4-Want to double your chances of winning? Post an entry on your own blog advertising this giveaway. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE ME A LINK OF THE ENTRY!

Tulips in my mind

Hi everyone! This is my entry for Labels and love's Flower Power contest. I don't know if I could still enter the contest but i hope so! To be honest w/ you ladies, I have a second thought of joining the contests because my eyes are still swollen and I still have a big bumps on my nose but I really want to join and voila! I do a tulip inspired look!

here's my inspiration

what I used:

Ever Bilena 24 E/S palette
Avon E/S palette
in2it Mascara
CG smoothers
Elf face powder
Nichido curler
Ever Bilena Studio Finish concealer
Ever Bilena Eye liner
Elf lip glaze in Ruby kiss
4u2 blush on
Estee Lauder blush on in rose fawn

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yard Sale and some updates!

Hello ladies!! I received a lot of looved comments and I'm so happy about that. So my friend asked me if I could join him (he's gay! a lovable and a true person) to some yard sale!

So I'm sharing this to you lovely ladies!

to check their items Click here


Update Update Update!

I knew that I promised that I want to be more updated on my blog and I'm soo sad that it didn't came up like that. I can't wear my contact lens and put anything on my eyes right now due to some unwanted redness in my eyes. I look like I have a sore eyes and everybody was avoiding me (like duh! what's their problem?) and I got a big bump on my nose! But since someone asked me to picture myself wearing the NYX item that I won from Thiamere's Giveaway, I do it for the last time! And also in our Humanities subject I tried to be more creative hehehe.. sound interesting huh??

swollen eyes T_T

It looks like a drawing of a elementary student! :'D

Here's my pic using NYX real nude

and my popobe necklace saying "goodbye for now!"

(see the big bump in my nose?)

**Upcoming Post**

Another Haul :C
Lady Gaga's Paparazzi look


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Take it to the beach

I finally found my inspiration to join Miss Yaya's contest. It is so very challenging because you are not allowed to use black except for mascara!!!

My inspiration

too daring?

I bought this bracelet in Boracay!

closed eyes

**close up**
too bad camera washes off the colors

Item I used:

Ever Bilena Eye Palette
Ever Bilena Studio Finish Concealer
Ever Bilena two-way cake
Avon Eye palette
Estee Lauder eye and cheeks palette
Estee Lauder blush on in Rose Fawn
CG smoothers
NYX round lipgloss in Real Nude
Maybelline Moisture lipstick in Coral

I hope I take you all to the beach ; D

I won a Giveaway! and Another Giveaways!

Yaaay! I won Thiamere's Giveaway! I never expect that you will choose my humble tips one of your favorite entries! I really appreciate it!! I received my prize this afternoon and I was soo excited and forgot to take the picture before open the package!

I never expect that this is big as much as this!

My gawd! My ever first Nyx item!
I'm very very happy

Nyx Round lipgloss in Real Nude

Love the shade ^_^

Geoffrey Beene' s Shower Gel

Love notes and I love the Pucca Sticker ^_^

and another surprise a Shu uemura sample


Thanks a lot girl I really enjoy my prizes!


JBreezy Giveaway!

1) You must be a follower (Obviously I'm doing this for my followers. But if you want to join and become a follower, you are more than welcome ;] )
2) You must be at least 18 years of age (If not, please ask your parents first for permission)
3) Have a valid email address (I'm sure all of you would not have any problem with this lol)

My answer:

My Favorite make up is Maybelline because it doesn't give me break-outs! quality speaking its very good! and very affordable here in our country!!

  1. Answer this question in my comments box: "What is your favorite book and why?"
  2. You may join as many times as you wish (only 1 book per comment!). One comment/book means one raffle entry.
  3. Want even more chances of winning? Blog about this giveaway with a link to Topaz Horizon and Avalon.ph. Yes, you may grab the photos here. And yes, it can be just a P.S. or a little line. No need to be fancy! A blog post with links entitles you to a whopping 10 entries!

LaBelleMel Giveaway!

Simple Rules:

1. Must her Follower
2. I comment per entry
3. Must have a Parental Consent to join the Giveaway!

What's in my bag

This is one of the contest I looove to join! French kiss' what's in my bag contest. Here it goes!

I always bring my STUFFS wherever I go, a lot of make ups and lot of baggage that just added to my burden. Maybe because I am not secure without all of my stuffs. Whenever I'm going out going to mall or just in my friend's place, I always bring this stuffs sort of i am running away from our house! :D I love make ups but when once you see me, I'm kinda boyish style and besides my bf didn't want me to wear skirts, maybe he's kinda securing me.

My brand new backpack!

Inside of my bag

a lot of pouches!

::. HerBench Hair brush
::.Esprit Umbrella w/c my bf requires me to always
bring because I have a weak immune system
::.Liz Claiborne Wallet
::.FlyWear Sunglasses
::.Johnson Baby Powder
::.Green Cross Moisturizing alcohol
::. Bath and Body works Body Splash in Warm Vanilla

I always bring a book,notebook and my pencil case
I don't want to buy another ballpoint pen whenever I forgot to bring it

::.My currently book I'm loving right now is Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong

Inside of my pencil case
::.Ballpen (black,green and pink)
::Wipe out
::.Index Card
::.Binder clip

This Pouch is for my gadgets
::.My Nintendo DS

I'm a flat footed person and I can't stand wearing killer heels
That's why I always bring my flipflops my life saver!

Finally, My Vanity Kit

::.Ever Bilena Two-way Cake
::.Ever Bilena 24 E/S palette
::.Ever Bilena Studio Finish Concealer
::.Nichido Eyelash Curler
::.Hello Kitty Contact lens Case
::.In2it Eyeliner in Black
::.In2it Mascara
::.Maybelline lipstick
::.Maybelline Pressed powder
::.Elf Lipglaze
::.MaryKate and Ashley lipgloss
::.Delux Cream Eyeshadow
::.4u2 Blush on
::.Nichido Blush on
::.Estee Lauder blush on in Rose Fawn
::. Bath and Body works lotion Warm Vanilla
::.Paganini Mirror
:: 2 brushes from Nichido
::.Cover Girl Smoothers
::.Coin pouch w/c my BF gave me ^^
::. Blister pack of headache medicine

::. New in the Family Nyx Lipgloss in Real nude.::

Sometimes I tried to bring a small bag and only stuffs that I need, its pretty light but uncomfortable as if Im not wearing anything, but its a good thing that I don't need to take my junkies out of my bag just to find my flash disk and my phone.