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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Illamasqua and Mizzworthy Competition Entry

This is my entry for Mizz Worthy's Contest Heroes and Villains, this contest take me a lot of time and practice like choosing your inspiration and color combination.

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Valentina the Serpent Queen

I chose Valentina the Serpent Queen as my inspiration which is the mortal enemy of Darna. Darna is Filipino version of Wonder Woman and one of heroes made by Mars Ravelo. Valentina born to a peasant couple in a remote province, Valentina was the name given to a baby girl who was mysteriously born with snakes for hair. As she grew up, her affinity for small and large serpents grew and realized that she had an empathic/telepathic connection to them that allowed her to make then follow her every command. One of these snakes, Vibora, was Valentina's favorite serpent familiar and close aid. Valentina killed her parents when she overheard them plotting to destroy the many snakes that occupied their home. Although she felt alone and apart from the rest of humanity, she could not help but remain in love with a mortal man named Eduardo who was in love with someone else. She eventually encountered battled Darna who defeated the desperate Valentina jumped off a cliff .

Here's my Version:

I really practice doing the snake scale thingy

Items that I used:
Skin Food Agave Cactus BB cream
Ever Bilena E/S Palette
Ever Bilena Eye Liner
Avon E/S Palette
NYX round Lipstick in Femme
Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara
Maybelline Gel Liner
Estee Lauder Blush on

I hope you all like it!



  1. spooky :) I like it :)

    good luck



  2. GALING!! i really love it.. as in.. the snake scale looks very realistic.. THUMBS UP!!

  3. wow!
    this is so much better than the first one!
    i love it!

    goodluck sayo,valentina!

  4. that's awesome and i love the villain you chose! good luck sis! :)

  5. Wow! I love your entry. HOw did you do the snake scales? I hope that you win!

  6. Thanks so much for this fab entry - did you do another one? Of of your followers commented that she liked it beeter than your first entry, and I think I might have missed it! Rememeber you can enter as many times as you like - I'd love to know how you created the scales!

  7. wow, you did a great job with the snake scales. good luck!

  8. amazing!! you did a great job!! good luck!!

  9. How did you do the snake scales? It's good. :)

  10. OMG! jawdropped @0@ galing mo girl katakot..and looks hard to do lol.. good job! I love it

  11. ooo i love it! I've got a contest going on as well, check it out if you'd like :D