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Monday, August 3, 2009


Why my followers decreases? I mean like it was 55 then it becomes 54. It's now 58 and there's another new two faces on my followers and I think it must be 60 now. Some of my followers stop following me? how sad :C. Anyways, my mom woke me this afternoon... and guess what? I received a love message from Dana of Simple Randomness! Oh my gawd! I'm so excited to read her message!

I love the HK stickers

a lovely card ^_^

you have a great handwriting hun~

some items along the mail..

My ever first falsies!

thank you soo much girl, I really appreciate it!


  1. dana is soo sweet.. :D never mind those who unfollow you..

  2. Awwww love package!! How sweet! I love falsies too, they make you look like bambi hehehe

  3. Goshers, I'm glad that you got it!! :D I started to think that you didn't get it because it's been so long. LOL

    Did you just get it? Or have you had it for a little while. Because I sent that out like... idk.. over a month ago and gave up on sending out overseas. haha

  4. awww... do not mind the decreasing and increasing status of your followers...

    maybe they are just following you anonymously... women love to read. so they will keep on reading and reading other people's blog whether they are following publicly or anonimously...