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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Phoebe's give away!

Pink Fairy Bun is giving away a Juicy couture bag!

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

L'oreal Studio Line Downright Smooth review

Like other girls, I'm not blessed with long shiny straight hair. My hair was more wavy but every year I visit salon to get re-bonded but I was late that I realized I actually hurting my hair. It ended up dry, frizzy and unruly. So I decided to cut it and let the wavy hair grow.

After almost 5 months my hair grow longer and wavier but still unruly and frizzy. I get to used the Vitress Hair Cuticle which I really hate because it make my hair super oily and it weight down my hair.

When I visited American 99 store at Farmers and search for better american product. I saw Tresseme and Garnier Fructis which I read some good review but L'oreal Studio Line Down Right Smooth catches my attention because its more on milky liquid not oily which is I uber like!
frizzy hair arghh!

L'oreal Studio line 5.2 Fl oz.
See Its Milk!

Super Smoothing Milk
All the Look: Smooth and Tamed

Spray on my other side of my hair , distribute the product by combing and blow dry

my hair blow dried but without L'oreal

my hair blow dried with L'oreal
Now, Ready on the go!!

Doesn't weight down my hair
Not Oily
No Funky Smell

dont like:
Not available locally since we know American Store has limited stocks of their products

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nail Polish Dupes

Last time I went to SPLASH for their 70% factory sale, btw SPLASH corporation is the creator of skin white, hbc products, maxipeel and many more. I spotted this two nail polishes which really caught my attention because they are similar to some OPI's nail color. Actually there are some pretty color like Cloudy Gray which is gray color with blue or purple undertone and Perfectly Pink which is coral pink. On regular price its 37 pesos or less than $1 and I got these on factory sale at 25 pesos not bad!

This beautiful shade of green is San San's Sea Green.

it is similar to following:

China Glaze Refresmint and For Audrey
OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape and Hey Get in lime
Mac Peppermint Green
Essie Apple Candy mint

This Nude color is similar to
OPI's Samoan Sand and Tickle my France
China Glaze II
Dior Nude Chic

San San's Touch of Tan

What can you say is it a Dupe or Not?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pig out: Pizza hut's Lechon Pizza and Hot box

Inspite of a slightly-strict diet, I can't resist to try out this Lechon Pizza of Pizza hut and this hot box . We don't have a landline too glad there was a Online Ordering, what a relief for me! :)

Lechon Pizza : Medium (10") 329php
HotBox a la carte 219php

Usually 45 minutes to wait for the delivery and Pizza hut never fail me *thumbs up*

Lechon Pizza: It is tad too salty! I can't even finish a slice maybe because it is not literally lechon, it sort of crispy/chicharon skin of pork and the sauce is salty too! :| *diet wrecker* I dont know if its really that bad, because I'm not a salty food fan!

Hot Box: Consist of 2pcs Baked potato pie
4pcs. Meatball twists
4 slices of garlic bread
16 pcs dulce de leche

I just ate the dulce de leche and the baked potato pie which tastes good!

It's a miracle that we didn't finish a box of pizza :|

Fracasco pizza is way eatable than this.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wedding Belles

So here's what I look in the wedding. Generally, I uses neutral matter colors and lip tone colors which I really like and pink blush. I dont want to out-shined the bride by using Smokey look and stunning red lips though its a night event I just want to make it simple.

What I used:

Skin 79 Hot pink BB cream
Maybelline pressed powder
maybelline concealer
88 color pallete
Elf Blush and bronze duo
Styli-style flat liner in black
Nyx round lipstick in Frappucino

My Friends' Wedding

Do you believe in destiny? That you 're really meant for one person no matter how long the time and how far the distance do you? Honestly, I dont believe in that but after seeing this two beautiful people in my life I started to think is it for real?

Last Saturday my friend Narry and Jr who are high school classmates after 13 years they see each other again and after 8 months they get married! It was really fast and I can't get over it. But so happy for them and can't hold back my tears as they say their vows to each other. It was a romantic garden wedding at Frances Therese Garden in Rizal.

I was kinda envy and emotional with Narry's entrance with Police Guards

Now, I know how a police man get married.
A bunch of police guard and over all white with police accesories

The couple and the swordsmen :)

me and my BFF kelly

I really love my necklace. It gives me korean vibe


My Bf is behind me :)

my connector ring really accentuate to my dress

What I wore:
Forever 21 Cardigan which I got on sale 489php
Faith 21 Floral Dress I got on sale also 519php
Gibi green Shoes on sale 100
Connector ring 60php
necklace 60php