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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Missha BB Cream Review

As I promised you ladies, after I finished all my Missha samples I'm doing my own review about it. Yeah, a lot of reviews you can actually read maybe good or bad, why I don't try it to myself. A lot of BB creams around the globe but have you actually know what is BB cream?

So what is BB cream really was?

BB Cream is pretty much the end all of foundation, concealer, moisturizer, etc....It's a combined product that eliminates many products from your daily makeup routine and not only simplifies foundation but also offers key ingredients that we all look for in makeup and skin care.

BB Creams are highly moisturizing, contain SPF, have acne fighting and anti-aging ingredients, plus conceal and lay a foundation for your other makeup.

What BB Cream Eliminates from your daily routine:

* Moisturizer

BB Creams are so highly moisturizing you may or may not wish to apply a moisturizer prior to using!


BB Creams contain doses of 25+ SPF so you don't need an extra SPF product to protect your skin from harmless sun rays!

* Acne Treatments, Lotions, Etc...

BB Creams contain active ingredients for fighting off problem areas!

* Anti-Aging Lotions, Potions, Etc...

BB Creams contain anti-aging ingredients to prevent wrinkles and also treat any fine lines you may already have!

* Concealer

BB Creams act as a concealer for concealing under eye circles, baggage, etc...It also concealsr acne, blemishes, red areas, etc...

* Foundation

BB Creams act as a foundation for prepping the skin for makeup and creating a flawless finish to skin!

* Whitening Lotions, Fluids, Etc....

BB Creams contain whitening agents to lighten the skin!

Wooow! Its really a nirvana for us beauty junkies!

So, after finishing 5 samples of Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, I must say that I really like the results. As if I'm putting a magic cream on my face. I used Missha no. 23 since it's more likely to my skin tone. It hides blemishes and big pores, I even don't use my concealer on my eye bags. Somehow, I noticed that my face turned half darker when exposed to sun about 2 hours.

no. 23 up
no. 21 below

see how it hides my blemishes

Missha BB cream never give me a oily face but a dewy fresh look even after 4hrs!
Look the picture above.

  • smells good
  • long lasting power
  • easy to blend
  • 42 SPF
  • Good Coverage
  • Pricey
  • just 2 shades 21 and 23
  • Oxidation effectively turned my face a shade or half darker when exposed to sun.



  1. Wow! THis is such a multitasker. Too bad it's expensive and only in 2 shades.

  2. Me also having same prob over my skin. Would it'll have same effects on mine also. I wanna have this. Explain how can I get ??