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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bags Bags Bags

Summer is having her giveaway and one of her requirement is to show your bag collection or bags you want to have. This girl is so sweet and her blog is so informative and I needed to guess her age! ummm... 20?? I'm sorry if you're too young for this age ^_^

I'm not really into signatures like LV , Chanel and all alike but still hoping to have one and its also depends on what I like. I'm really a huge fan of big bags because I can bring all the stuffs that I needed.

So here's my collection:

Big bags
  1. Accel corduroy bag
  2. Cose Backpack
  3. Jansport Choco Chips Backpack
  4. Reversible Bag from HK
  5. Native Bag from Tagaytay

Medium Size Bags
  1. Leonardo Office bag which my mom gave me
  2. Marithé+François Girbaud Messenger Bag
  3. Mune Belle bag which I forgot where I get this bag
  4. Tompson's Daily Pizza Bag

    Small bags
    1. Nine West shoulder bag
    2. heartstring black bag
    3. heartstring blue bag
    4. No Label handbag
    5. Candies Clutch which I won from Thiamere
    6. Elle Royal cosmetic bag

Bags that I always use

Bags I'm lemming for:

Harajuku Lovers Candy Bag
Baby Phat bag look like Chanel

Roxy weekender bag

Dereon bag

Tommy Hilfiger Silver Lake Crossbody - Honeysuckle

XOXO Perfectionist

Baby Phat Bag Mini Satchel

oh my gawd.. they are very pretty!
Have to save money ^_^

Anyway I can't wait for my Gucci Bag which I won from Shirley the tooth fairy ^_^

have a great day!