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Sunday, August 2, 2009

KonadAddict's Giveaway!

I don't have any Konad items and I'm dying to try it. Honestly, I have a bad habit and it's "nail biting" so as you see on my pictures posted on my blog you see my dull nails. I visit salon once a month for manicure and pedicure but it ended my nails was ruined by myself! I actually buy fake nails to hide this dullness but Thia said that the glue itself will make my nails brittle and I ended up not using it everyday. I have read once on a local magazines that to avoid biting your nails make sure that your nails is a fab design that will earned lot of compliments so that you will not tend to ruin it. I tried once in kuku bar(local nails stamping salon), I earned a lot of comments on my Sponge Bob nails and I keep my nails for a month w/out biting it! (sorry, I'm not able to take a picture of it) But it so pricey if I'm going to visit every month. So I really love to have my own Konad so that I can design my own nails and even my BFF's nails that would be really a good slumber party.

So here's a giveaway that you will surely love

I saw her nail art design and I'm dying to try it! If you have your own Konad, visit her blog and you'll be amazed on her unique ideas!

So the giveaway includes:

The B Kit includes

* 4 Image Plates
* 3 Special Polishes (11 ml / 0.35 Fl.Oz)
* 1 Stamp
* 1 Scraper

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