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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BB Cream Samples Haul

Hello ladies! I've read a lot of reviews and products, it really sounds interesting right? So, I finally have a samples of it and I can't wait to try it! One of the latest, greatest, popular, and hyped products to hit Korea are BB Creams which is short for Blemish Balm Cream. The craze began in Korea but has since hit Japan, China, Etc...


lot of samples

Missha BB cream shade 21 and 23
Missha Signature Radiance Foundation
Missha Signature RadianceMakeup Primer
Missha Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream

Skin Food Agave Cactus Skin BB Cream
Skin Food Orange and Mint Body Essence
Skin Food Avocado Toner and Lotion

Its really cute!


Liobele O-white toner and Moisturizer
I can't understand the other freebies (-_-")

I will review each BB creams at time

I will use Missha BB cream first, because I heard a lot of good review about it and of course I'll post my own review after I finish my Missha samples.


  1. wow!
    that's a lot!

    ang cute nung toner & lotion,no?
    sa sobrang cute ayoko na nga xa gamitin e..hehe

    lam mu,sis dumating na kaninang umaga ung brtc sample ko...

  2. so cute samples.. ^^ makes me wanna grab them all,haha.. ^^
    I'm waiting for the reviews.. ^^

  3. Can't wait for your reviews Gracie! I've always wanted to try BB creams but haven't yet.

  4. nice haul where did u get all the samples? i've been wanting to try the missha one..can't wait for a review!

  5. hehe BB SSSCREAMMSSS.lol cute nga ng bottles

  6. Ang saya! Rami mong packets :3
    I personally don't like missha because totoo pala yung sabi nila na their bb creams darken after a few hours. Kaya pala parang weird. But I loved Skinfood agave, I'm thinking of buying a full bottle.

    Hopefully those are all good for you!

  7. hi sis,

    just want to ask where did you order your samples? i've been looking for a reliable seller but could not find one. thanks much. :)