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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big Shop

When you're a plus size, it is so hard to find a good dresses or even items that is not look to oldie or motherly like! So, after the extension of SM Fairview opened, I was really surprise with this new shop. The Big Shop have a large collection of plus size clothing which endorsed by Camille Pratts. I know that we have already Maxine and Tubby in the market for plus size but this one really catches my attention, it very feminine and young-looking designs!

  • Price Range: P495-P1995
  • Cloth Range: Casual to Dresses

note: sorry for bad shots I just sneak in while the SAs are busy

I love the Pink dress

The yellow dress is uber cute!

plaid dress which I'm lemming for

Maybe I'll buy someday, not now!

my pocket is now in a critical situation with life support :C


  1. hnd ko pa nbabalitaan to a..
    bagong shop ba itetch?

    i have to check it nga din
    thanks for the info

  2. thank you for sharing, i'm interested too. do you know the size range?

    too bad i live so far from fairview.

    (camille prats is plus-size na ba? hmmm...)

  3. We have this in SM, their store is lovely. I noticed it when I saw their billboards and wall pictures with Camille Prats all over it, she's the image model for their current line.

  4. hello :)
    ang cute pala ng clothes sa the big shop <3
    i'll check it out too!
    oh i followed you pala hihi
    im chacha btw :) see u around sis!

  5. Oooh those designs are cute! And I feel you on the wallet on life support situation.. sigh.

  6. You've just been tagged for "get to know eachother"

    Have a great day!

  7. ooh I just saw this at the mall the other day. :)

  8. i love camile so much but disappointed on TBS I tried to work in "the big shop" baguio branch for 6 days june2011 but guess what untill now they did not released my salary..... not a big amount but why is it they are not honest to tell me that they will not give it anymore.... they keep on telling me my 6days salary still on process.... I wish it wont happen to others what i experienced"