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Friday, August 7, 2009

Date with the one I love

I'm supposed to attend an event to Nuffnang but since they limit their guest up to 40 limited slots, so invitations are what for? Anyways, never mind about it. So, instead of ranting and everything in the sun until my temper become lower, my bf and I visited SM North Edsa, he actually gave me 500 bucks for nyx lipsticks! (i love you very much :'D ) and treat me a lunch at Kenny Rogers! He ordered healthy plates for both of us, because he didn't want to ruined my diet. He hates chicken and eating raw vegetables specially tomatoes! I almost ROFL when his face became distorted while chewing the tomatoes! hahaha!

here's some of his pics:

playing nintendo DS
He normally does arranging our meal^_^

I'm just soo happy now.


  1. You're BF is so sweet to think of what you want most firts (plus points because he's funding your NYX hauls)

  2. awwww...
    its a fun day when you are with bf,right?

    i miss bf na tuloy