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Sunday, August 9, 2009

MakeUp Junkee's LOTD

Hello ladies! How's your weekend? I've been reviewing my notes the whole day because we're going to have our midterm tomorrow, wish me luck! So, I'm so exhausted for having a day that is full of memorization and reading books to release all my stress, I decided to do a LOTD that will be my entry for MakeUp Junkee.

MakeUp Junkee is having her contest


1) Contest ends August 9th at 6:00 pm California time.
2) There has to be at least 5 entry for me to do this contest.
3) Must be a follower to join. If your not a follower just "click" follow and your good to go.
4) Re-post this on your page with a link.
5) Must post up three pictures of the look and one picture of the items use to achieve look on your blog.
6) Email me at christinamoua84@hotmail.com to let me know what the link to your contest entry is.
7) This contest will have two winners. A first place and second place.

What you have to do for the contest:

For my contest, you have to create a look (eyes) using only these colors: Green, Pink, White, and Purple

Everything else is up to you (blush, lipstick, etc.)
They can be any shades (ex: darker or lighter green) and you don't have to use all the colors, but you have to use at least two of the colors listed.

Here's my entry


i just love the color of my lips
Ever Bilena Mauvey w/ NYX lipgloss nude

Dissecting color elements

Items I used:

Ever Bilena 24 E/S palette
Ever Bilena Studio Finish Concealer
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey
CG smoothers
in2it mascara
Fmaxx Blush On
Maybelline Trio Eyeshadow in Sweet Candy
Estee Lauder in Natural Harmonies
NYX Lipgloss in Nude


  1. Goodluck for tomorrow's exam!

  2. Very beautiful I love it..Good Luck^^

  3. good luck sa midterm nyo :)

  4. ooh very neat look with only using those colors! Good luck with the contest!