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Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Ever NOTD

Kessa's prize TFS nail polish inspired me to do a NOTD! This is my first time to do a nail art!

**Sorry for this dirty NOTD**

the perfect one

the rest is not good tsk!

I'm afraid I start nail biting again

ready to sleep
Sorry for the bare face

**item I used**

//TFS nail polish is very easy to use and very tinted, you don't even need to double coat it.
Unlike nail polish sold locally or its just me who don't know how to apply? haha!


  1. Hello there :D Thank you so much for following my blog! Cute nails!! I am not very good at drawing designs on mine :P love the colors, those were my high school colors hehe

  2. nice nmn...meron na xang nail post!

    looks great!

  3. cute nails! I was never good at nail design, I find that I'm also clumsy at things that my nails chip every time I do them! sigh