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Friday, August 28, 2009

Haul Time!

Hello ladies! It's a big sale today at SM Fairview and I really take advantage to visit and grab some items that I want to have. Although I hate long line in the cashier and even in the fitting room. I saw a lot of good stuff like 200-350 pesos shoes and discounted cosmetics! I really love sale!

My First stop

The dresses are not on sale! boo!

second stop

I always visit Forever 21 and try all the shades but never buy anything,
but now I finally bought the Zebra Printed sunnies and I got Hoop Earrings 3 pairs for 80pesos

Finally! I got Maybelline Gel liner and Maybelline Volum* Express got to try the feline madness!
and a freebie? haha! I bought in2it Makeup Remover for 60pesos.

I also bought a sandals from Parisian not on the picture

I also received a package mail from Taiwan today!

my BRTC and Oriks BB cream samples

ohhh.. a lot of things to try on

I will review my Maybelline items and BB creams



  1. wow i love it pero pang ukay lang beauty ko ngaun lol..

  2. i love your blog layout and that top is so cute!

  3. wow!
    dami naman!

    sales are really fun

  4. Wow! Nice purchase. I also love sale! Those Cat Eyes mascaras are great. I tell you...

  5. Just found your blog, it is cute! I'm curious about BB cream, do you know where I can order samples?