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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My new Geo lens baby

Hello again ladies! i want to share with you my new Geo baby, its the CM-836 or so called Dolly eyes black. This lens have great effect of whooping 15.00mm diameter which is much bigger than the regular contact lens. It looks scary but I really love to look different and I'm loving it. My mom hate me when I'm wearing the lens because I remind her of some horror movies. I'm ready for the Halloween party haha! It's my third pair actually and they're very comfortable and fashionable.

love the effect

its a bright black eyes.

I'm also wearing Missha BB cream in the picture
I have 1 sachet left and can't wait to post my review



  1. seems like you have big eyes already though!

  2. nice! they do make you look awake and wided eyed in a natural way!

  3. wee i love this one it really brighten up your eyes bilog na bilog :D

  4. i love circle lenses <3
    lol i wear them all the time
    thanks for following and leaving a comment hun :)

  5. it's cute. not freaky naman e. hehe :)

  6. Ooh, I want to try circle lens. I'm afraid I might end up looking scary though. BTW, they look good on you. Cute.