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Monday, August 3, 2009

Arabic Style Inspired Makeup

Sharlene is having her contest! This is my first time to do this look. So, after reading Shar's announcement I read and practice about Arabic Style and I hope I get the exact style. So here's the details of her contest.

Create an Arabic Style Inspired Makeup. From what I noticed, when I google 'Arabic Style Makeup', They usually have flawless, porcelain-like skin, and really bright colors on the eyes yet it still looks smokey because of the heavy eyeliner on both the lashline and lower lashline.

Rules & Requirements:
·First of all you must be a member of blogger.
·You must be a follower of my blog.
·Post as an entry to your blog. Copy these rules onto your entry and link back to this post.
[To copy, highlight and then press ctrl+c, right click has been disabled]
·Take a picture of: Your face, one with your eyes opened and one closed. And a freestyle pose. ·Also include your inspirational photo, if any. Don't forget to list down and take a picture of the products you used.
·Send in your contest entry url as a comment to this post only [for organizational purposes].
All others will not be acknowledged, sorry!

here's my entry!

eyes open

closed eyes

Item I used:

Ever Bilena E/S pallete
Estee Lauder Neutral and Bronzer Pallete
Estee Lauder Blush - Rose Fawn
Cover Girl Smoothers
Ever Bilena two way cake
Ever Bilena Studio Finish Concealer
Delux Cream eye shadow in golden apricot
Ever Bilena matte Lipstick in Mauvey

Shar's asked for freestyle:

Jai ho! hahaha!

**hope you all like it!**


  1. Wow! Verrry pretty! Thanks for entering!!!

  2. very pretty gracie,, mukha talagang arabic.. i really love it.. :D the first pic.. ganda!!

  3. ui! d kita nakilala. Galing ah. ;)

  4. ohhh!
    nice nmn!
    hindi din kita nakilala dun sa first pic a!
    o diba...ms maganda pg maliwanag...hehehe
    nice combination!


  5. Omg, this look is amazing!! ^__^ Good luck hun~!

  6. you look great :D nicely done! good luck with the contest!

  7. Wow, I think you did a good job! Good luck!

  8. gracie dear,

    I'm happy to announce that you are the winner of my Gucci cosmetic bac giveaway!


  9. teh ang kilay mo parang arabyana!

    kumusta ka na, di ka na bumibisita sa akin?
    anyway... i miss you lang... bleh =P

  10. compliment yon lokah!

    kasi wala ako kilay. nipis kasi. kaya inggit ako sa mga may kilay. lalo na kapag maitim na maitim yung hibla. kasi yung sakin manipis na nga hindi pa maitim...

  11. nako nanalo ka ng gucci bag! ang swerte... kakikita ko lang. congrats gracie :)

  12. gracie don't forget to email me with your adres! I'd love to teleport it to you, but I'm not that gifted :P


  13. hmmm I think you haven't received my email yet, well doesn't matter:


  14. wow .. so pretty!

    I want play along too hehe.. got to think how to do it first :)



  15. wow good job i saw your entry at shar kung di pa ko nagpunta dun lol di ko makikita I;m going to join too lol kaya ko nakita waaa blog roll is acting retarted .. i luv your eyes girly . really i like it.xoxo

  16. ooh you look pretty in these shots! :D hehe yeah that was me in the date rape van, but it's okay I'm still here haha

  17. Wow this is so creative! :)

    I like your look with the pink veil.

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