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Thursday, October 15, 2009

To my dearest Thiamere

Happy Birthday to You my Dear!

I wish you all the best and more LUCK on contests!

I'm lucky enough to be one of your friend and partners in crime^_~

love you and I always will



Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hola ladies! As you all now I won as one of honorable mention in Harajuku Contest at Youtube hosted by Heather. I'm really surprised that she added some prizes just to appreciate some contestant that is really deserving to win and for that I really adore her. So, basically going to P.O was a bit scary specially if there's a custom man. Gladly the custom man was the old man that didn't know what is Gucci is! and I was a really relieved.

what is inside the box??

new babies!

My mineral glow in silver and matte black


the jars have no shifters on it,
that's why the matte black swatch has glitter on it

Ardell Wildlash in Beautiful

I'm loving the rhinestones on it

Mac Dazzleglass in internationalist!

a new baby MAC for me!



that's it

thank you Heather!


Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello ladies! How's your weekends? This week was the really hectic week for me! Like I'm filed up lots of projects and I'm supposed to do my DBMS documentation for my Catering System but since my mind was running out of thoughts and my body don't want to do anything stressful. I visited Trinoma yesterday and they are on SALE! specially on cosmetic section, I was very tempted to buy anything but since I'm going to visit Post office on Monday, I'm saving up for in case of corruption, I mean emergency(hehehe) . I was really excited about getting packages and love reading love notes.

Anyway, I posted this update because my heart just pumped out because I'm in love again, naaaaah! NOT with a guy nor to the same sex hahaha!! I'm in love with one commercial. It really captured my heart and seems I can't get over it! It's a very long video for a commercial for a hair product and because of this I've been wanting to learn how to play violin hahaha!!

See how amazing the girl played the Classical Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel! I really love the version of it! I wish I could download it but I keep searching for the version and I wonder where the wind came from? This commercial really takes away my stress.

how bout you ladies
How did you manage your stress?

hope you can share your secret *wink*

my upcoming post:

Lipgloss review: Dior
Lipgloss review: Revlon
Lipgloss Review: NYX Round lipgloss
Lipgloss Review: MAC (if the package is from Heather ^_^)
Hauls and package


Friday, October 9, 2009

FOTD Lime Cocktail

I've been busy for school work this past few days, I need to relax and play with my babies. This is the very effective way to get rid of stress and thinking too much about happening in my life *sigh*. I was really excited to use my 88 palette, yay~! so many colors to choose from~! I remember when I received my palette, Thiamere asked me to do FOTD or EOTD using bright colors.

sorry for my sad puffy eyes

what I used:
88 E/S palette
Ever Bilena Foundation Powder
Ever Bilena Studio Finish concealer
Careline Blush on in Peach glow
Mayabelline Cat's eye Mascara
Revlon Lip gloss in Punchy Peach

**For Philippine-based bloggers:

I'm selling out these babies for 180php

LA Colors Metallic E/S Tranquil, Soiree and Enchanted

just post comment if you're interested *wink,wink*


Thursday, October 8, 2009

MAC Mineralized Blush Merrily

Hola Ladies! Sorry for lack of updates, I've been busy in my school projects and activities. First of all, I proudly announce that I'm one of the winners on Mizz Worthy's Super Heroes and Villains *clap,clap*, I was so happy and to think that I will experience Illamasqua products, I'm so very excited.

So lets back to the track..

I was extremely shocked to EATCANDY store at Multiply, Ivy sells her Mac items for 500php($10?) like WTH!?!, if you bought MAC on retail stores her items worth 3x or 5x of her price and I can't wait for her next batch. I was lucky to get MAC mineralized blush in Merrily because it was limited and hard to find as I read some blog on the net and this is my very first MAC baby.

At first, I was skeptical in the color because its to way RED its look like dirty burnt red with gold pearl and I was a pink or peach blush user and this is really a big challenge for me. I really practice how to apply it to avoid to look like slapped face and I think this blush will last for forever because its very pigmented just two dip using my blush brush to get my desire color. This will be my favorite red blush too bad its not one of the permanent mineralized blush on MAC.

Isn't lovely?


Merrily on me

  • pigmented
  • long lasting
  • its baked on the pot
  • light smooth texture
  • doesn't streak
  • gives pretty glow
  • pricey if you buy on retail stores
  • hard to find/rare

Ratings:♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A gift from my aunt!

Visiting relatives was really fun! Last Monday we went to Valenzuela to check my relatives if they are okay and safe. I don't have really plan to do a sleepover but since the rain fall was really heavy, we decided to stay. My aunt was really a swarovski fan, she has a lot of it! She asked me if I can company her to her friend nearby and her friend has a lot of swarovski woow! The best part is?! My aunt gave me 3 items! wooow! I really love them! She got me 2 earrings, a bracelet and a pair of teddy bears!

I really like the fact that wire was 14k gold

My aunt never forgot what was my birthstone "amethyst"

she got me this lovely pair!

jade bracelet!

I'm really kid at heart!
lovely pair of teddies!

I named them after two make-up brands that I really wish to have.


have a great weekend!


Update, Rant and Haul

Hello ladies! How's your day? Me and my cousins went to cinema today, we watched Yaya and Angelina they're soo very funny. When I got home, I saw two packages on my bed! Oh my.. after 5 days JRS already delivered my item like WTF?! I called them several times and they always told me that my item is "on delivery" status and just wait for the messenger, of course I waited for the Mr. JRS and NOTHING! I feel really irritated when I'm waiting for nothing! rawrsz! hehe!

For doing a nice move visiting my relatives in Valenzuela, my dad gave me moolah! wee! I'm so very happy, me and my mom shopped together another happy moment. Finally, I got a dress, I really promised to myself that I'm going buy one. I dunno why I'm saving up classic clothes that never out of style.

I really love this!
Good for defense for school and seminars.

As you remember, I do join pre-order at multiply
and I really saved a lot of money. I checked Zoo York store at Trinoma and woow!
I just saved half the price compared to the retail store.

Love the this hoodies!

It's reversible!

2 hoodies in 1

When DollFace announced that they're going to have an event on their anniversary,
I messaged her right away to reserve a slot for me because I really wanted to have the 88 matte palette but I was not able to went there, so I ordered online instead! hehe!

thank God nothing horrible happen to my new baby!

I was lucky to got this! It's Mac Mineralized blush in Merrily and I really love the color!
The color suit me well and the price? this one is for 500 pesos only! whew!
I'm very happy because this is my very first MAC baby.

I just hope that my Make up Masala haul finally arrives,
Eco tools blush brush would be perfect to this baby.

lovely red blush with gold specs!

that's it ladies!