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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello ladies! How's your weekends? This week was the really hectic week for me! Like I'm filed up lots of projects and I'm supposed to do my DBMS documentation for my Catering System but since my mind was running out of thoughts and my body don't want to do anything stressful. I visited Trinoma yesterday and they are on SALE! specially on cosmetic section, I was very tempted to buy anything but since I'm going to visit Post office on Monday, I'm saving up for in case of corruption, I mean emergency(hehehe) . I was really excited about getting packages and love reading love notes.

Anyway, I posted this update because my heart just pumped out because I'm in love again, naaaaah! NOT with a guy nor to the same sex hahaha!! I'm in love with one commercial. It really captured my heart and seems I can't get over it! It's a very long video for a commercial for a hair product and because of this I've been wanting to learn how to play violin hahaha!!

See how amazing the girl played the Classical Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel! I really love the version of it! I wish I could download it but I keep searching for the version and I wonder where the wind came from? This commercial really takes away my stress.

how bout you ladies
How did you manage your stress?

hope you can share your secret *wink*

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  1. 1) shopping (try to not use this method or your wallet will burnnnn. lol, that is, if you can't manage it financially)
    2) cleaning!!! =D
    3) showeringggg, most girls would shower in warm/hot water.... I have eczema so I shower in cool water, since I can take it and plus.... it cools me down =]
    4) eat awayyyyy. buffet? =D