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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How I celebrate my Valentines and my Birthday

**warning Picture overload**

Sorry guys for this late update but I must say that this is my best Valentines day and Birthday Celebration in my entire life. Not because I was dated by my Prince Charming or I got the greatest party ever but I had something that I achieved and fulfilled.

I was invited by my friend(birthday Feb.14) to Pakil, Laguna where the Our Lady of Sorrows of Turumba was enshrined. It was a 4-hrs travel from Cubao (HM trans terminal) and we departed 5:30am so we arrived in Pakil about 8:30 am. I am really exhausted I got 1hr sleep because of some conflict that I was traveling with my EX , only both of US! (jeez) I'm not worried to travel with him because were good friends but I know what our friends up to.:))

After we got some nap we packed our lunch and some drinks and we went to Piit River. When we arrived in the area all I can say is WOW! A hidden paradise ! The water is so cold and clear it even tastes sweet. The current is up roaring you almost cant hear anything when you're in the middle of the river. We wanted to climb the mountain to see the water falls but the keeper said it was in the middle of renovating some broken paths so we can't go there.



see the water? It is so clear

crossing the river

can you see me? I'm shivering that moment because
the water is so cold!

Nachos, grilled fish and some drinks!

We're leaving! Happy Birthday Kuya Mark!

On our second day(Feb 15) we decided to climb Mt. Pingas, it was part of Sierra Madre mountains where the Virgin mary of Turumba was enshrined.

going to hike that mountain baby!

okay lets move on.

At first I can managed but on our way to the top it was really hard!
O my! I'm thinking of backing out because my legs are aching.
but I know I can do it!

Can you meet me halfway?
We rest for about 5minutes

Another road to struggle

oh I saw an Arc! We are near to the peak!!!

As we reach the peak my friend Kelly was screaming to death we wonder why?

oh my gaaaaaawd! We're bitten by Leeches!!!!

I can't explain what I felt that very moment horrified but still happy..
I was horrified because no one would wanted to remove leeches on my foot,
happy because I was bitten by leech and no one wanted to be bitten right? hahaha!


sorry for my foot ^_^

I got 3 leeches on my foot and It was bleeding to death (30 mins bleeding)
It feels itchy when they bite you and if you remove them you'll see their sucking your skin
and it was hurt :((

the reward!

Breath taking..

Laguna de bay

see the rainbow!?

Its very rewarding from 1hr climbing with leeches,
slippery mountain rocks and raining hard.

my skin darken because I forgot to bring sunblock (O_O)\/

Its time to go home :))

Now, my whole lower body is still has muscle pain and the bite of leeches has still its mark
but I'm proud of myself. I just climbed a mountain and bitten by leeches what an experience!

Thank you to all of you who greeted me and remember my birthday!
thank you so much!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hot n Cold Inspired look

I love Katy Perry and her bright green make
up on her second look in the video Hot and Cold.
So, I made a look out of it

Here's some snapshot:

what I use:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
88 E/S palette
Ever Bilena 24 E/S palette
Fashion 21 white eyeliner
Stila Lash Visor
Elf Eyeliner Pen

Cover Girls Smoothers Foundation in Soft Honey
Ellana Espresso Con Panna
Elf Blush and Bronzer
Ever Bilena Concealer

NYX Round Lipstick Louisiana

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Birthday Wishlist

Thank You to all blogger friends for remembering that I'm Aquarian
and also reminded me about my birthday.

Actually my birthday is on 47th day of 2010, I was planning to put up a giveaway a month before my birthday but since I'm too busy (school works, bummer!) I forgot to prepare everything! So, I will just re-scheduled it on my blog anniversary on May! I just wanted show you my wishlist for the year of 2010 because I know that it will take a year before I can accomplish or else their going to be on my wish list forever. ^_^

1. Too Faced Naughty and Nice Palette
I wanted this ever since it was released.
Idk why I like it so much maybe because of the packaging.

2. Zebra printed Train Case

A new house for my babies. Thia show me a train case online store
and this one caught my attention.
3. Cover girl Lash Blast Mascara

Nikki and I wanted this so bad!

4. Etude House Haul

Thia told me that I should get stippling brush for my cream blushes.

Lip concealer

for my brushes Romantic Stand
and for my growing lipstick collection a beauty box
5. Wet and Wild Creme liner in black

This one is nowhere to find! :(

6. Skin 79 Hot Pink (Full size)

This one is my HG bb cream. No oxidation, no breakouts and lot of benefits.

7. Nars Orgasm

This one is a MUST have!

7. Mac Viva Glam Gaga

-love the color
-love Lady Gaga
-Love helping others

8. Kat Von D signature collection

I love Kat Von D.
any of them will do just to satisfy my cravings

9. Box of Falsies!

I'm bad! I lost all my falsies :(

Nowhere to find also (boo!)

woo! thats a lot!

anyways, are you celebrating Chinese New Year?

I was born in the year of the Snake.
Some says that I am lucky this year, I hope so!

how bout you?

Kung hei fat choi!


Live Show : )

Me and Nikki was having a good time in BlogTV!

please if you have an account please at me here.
(of course if you just want to add me^_^)

I'm not doing any make up tuts but who knows?
We're just having fun here with my lil sis
how she did her crazy dance and disgusting english lol!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My NYX Round Lipstick Stash

I never in my life I imagine that I could have more than 5 lipstick! OMG!

Nikki one of my friend here in blogger and also my partner in crime
when it comes to drooling over NYX lipsticks ask me to post my NYX lipsticks stash.

Yes! I got 9 :)

without flash

up:Femme, strawberry milk, thalia, frappucino, power
below: Fig, tea rose, Louisiana, Snow white

with flash
up:Femme, strawberry milk, thalia, frappucino, power
below: Fig, tea rose, louisiana, Snow white

without flash

with flash

I managed to get reds,pinks, and nudes

and I'm so glad that I also get shades that compliments my skin tone (NC 30-35)

currently I'm loving:

Tea Rose

what about yours?


Sunday, February 7, 2010

NYX Rouge Blush in Glow

Blush on is one of my staple make-up routine, yeah! I can't leave the house without it! Finding some blush-on that compliments your skin tone and makes you really glow is needed of several trial and error.

This is my first time to had a NYX blush on and before I get this one I really had a hard time reading tons of reviews and swatches. Finally I decided to get the cream blush on in GLOW. When I saw the blush after ripping off the package all I can say is love.love.loooove!

Glad that I took a picture before I dipped my finger on it
i just said "o my! i hit the pan" :(

What I like:
  • Pretty pink color
  • Pigmented
  • Stays for 4 to 5hrs
  • it looks natural if blended well
  • affordable
  • Locally available (Thanks Sol!)
What I hate:
  • Melt easily. When I dipped my finger I almost hit the pan (OMG!) unlike with my Illamasqua cream blush.

I'm wearing this blush for almost a week now, everybody noticed that I'm glowing. "Hey gracie! You're blooming today are you already found your V partner?-- my gay friend

It's a compliment of course!

Some snapshot of me wearing NYX Glow

Glow indeed?

I'm glad that I got this one but who knows!
I might try other shades in the future :D

So, make sure ladies that on your valentines date
wear a blush that will make you truly makes you glow.