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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Pink New Year's Eve look

Happy New Year Ladies! Well, belated I mean. I did not enjoy the New Year's Eve because I have to go to work in the early morning.  Is one of your new year's resolution is Lose Weight? Me too! Right now I'm very busy about my goal to lose weight this year. Dont worry, I will post about this soon.

What I used:
Maybelline BB cream
Nichido Concealer
Ever Bilena Brow Pencil
F21 dipliner
Maybelline the hyper curl volum' express
Bench Loose Powder
Avon Palette
Wet n Wild Pinkerbelle


Monday, December 16, 2013

Avon Color Fold-Up Palette

Hey everyone! I know some of you are busy doing Christmas shopping specially for those who has a lot of grand childrem like me. I am already done shopping gifts for my love ones and now I'm giving myself a treart for doing great this year. My first gift to myself is Avon Color Fold-up Palette. 


    cute and sleek design

    Those 3 reminds me of Nars Blushes (orgasm, deep throat)

 natural lighting


      Some of Eyeshadow swatches

    Pretty shade of blush on

  some of lip colors

Price: 699 Philippine Peso

Locally available
Nice color of blush on and eyeshadows
Not chalky
good staying power
lip color will not dry your lips


Lip color is not so opaque maybe good as lipbalm or lipgloss

Will i purchased again?

It depends, If its still available on the brochures when I hit the pan :)

xoxo :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

EOTD: Fiery

Hollaaaa~! how are you beautiful people? Ahh.. I really miss this reading your blogs and all of stuff here. As you can remember in my last post the cause of being my M.I.A for a long time and when google emailed me and said "your blog is already up again" there is no room for my happiness. Im excited to post EOTDs, share my travel experience, hauls and review of my current favorite product. 

Products that I used: 
Maybelline BB cream 
Nichido concealer 
Bench Loose powder 
Aido palette
in2it gel liner
Maybelline mascara
wet and wild lipstick in pinkerbelle

I'm into local products right now but soon I will rebuild my stash again :)



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A new start :)

Hello ladies :)
Thanks to all comments and messages that I received.
I was MIA like forever.
Yeah, I know....

I'm really glad that I was able to retrieve this blog.
Just so happen my blog was hacked and had been compromise. 
Even my twitter , Facebook and all of my social networking site. 

I miss blogging and I'm writing again soon
and again

Thank you to all that stay as my followers 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Rant: Smart Bro Poor Customer Service

Who's gonna stay on a service that is poor, irate and broken promises from their agent and even supervisors! I'm paying 999/month without landline and with this price, I'm expecting speed and good services. I never call for slowdown problem because the agents just tell you try to power cycle or their going to check on their back-end, at first you will notice the speed enhanced but its not a permanent solution.

I was fed up because even the Statement of Account its not arriving in our house and then they call to remind me that I need to pay the balance. I called them to inform them that I'm not getting any SOA

CSR: opening spiel
Me: I'm not receiving any SOA, could you please check my address, how can I pay if your not sending one?
CSR: confirming informations
Me: yes, thats right! Its been 2 months that I didn't received and billing statement


Me: yes, but I need that for our billing compilation

CSR: I'll just get your email ma'am and I'll send the billing statement you could print that and use to pay your bill

ME: ok

*drop phone*

As instructed I pay my bill in Bayad Center using my own printer and ink (I was really fed up that day!).

After a month, Oh! I received a billing statement smart. I was happy because CSR even she's with attitude atleast she do her job. As I check WTF! my bill last month is not deducted. I called customer service

CSR: opening Spiel

ME: Miss, could you please check my account, I paid my last bill at Bayad Center but as I check my billing statement its not deducted.

CSR: ok po ma'am. As I check po hindi pa po kasi reflected yung payment nyo. Please can I get the payment details

ME: *give the payment details*

CSR: Sige po ma'am coordinate ko na lang po


As months pass by, again no billing statement for 3 months. I called again same thing again and I told the CSR you know what I will not pay this if you don't send me my billing statement because I already try to pay using my account number and SOA that you are going to offer to send me. I'm not gonna waste my time and ink and I know my payment is not going to reflect on my account again.

Sorry ma'am for the inconvenience--- yan lang ba kaya nyo sabihin after that?!

Now for the WORST PART.

Since, no billing statement account arrived and as I said I'm not going to pay. A letter from their Collection Agency Mr. Boholst.

Wow! A warning letter is arrived and how come a single statement of account they cant even send me one!?

So, I dont want any conversation. I just paid the balance somewhere in Makati and I told the cashier, If she can report that my adapter is wrecked and I want my billing statement every month. She told me that she can forward my concern it was OCTOBER. I told her that I cant wait on their long queue because I need to rest and finish my part time.

No actions from Smart but statement of account  keeps coming.

Its already April but my adapter still wrecked and another warning from Collection Agency

I called Customer Service last March 28

CSR: Eh ma'am sana nag follow up kayo kung talagang nagreport kayo

ME: So what do you mean by that?! I've done my part already. I paid, I reported my concern and still no action from you guys, And don't tell me follow up ko pa kayo eh tagal tagal ng queue nyo! How inconvenience naman ng sinsabi mo sa akin. Pumunta na ako mismo sa wireless to report  DiBA?!

CSR: Eh, ma'am your under contract pa po kayo hanggang May 2013

I wanted to waive my account and after what inconvenience you've cause me and are you still thinking that I still want your service? WALA NAMAN SA KONTRATA NA GANITONG SERVICE IBIBIGAY NYO SA AKIN!

I demand for a Sup Call, I know CSR just going to tell me nothing but bullshit reasons and I'm  hoping that Supervisor will understand me. He committed that he will call me back and same bullshit nothing happens

I called again(April 4) to follow up and the CSR told me that the Supervisor that I'm looking for is on the night shift. She already email the supervisor that I was demanding for an update.

and guess what no feedback again.

And tell me do you deserve my loyalty?

If you will tell me that I got a printer from your retention program, Well I will just buy a printer like that and give it back to you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Avon Skin So Soft Minerals Gems Glamorous Gold

Whew! That was very long title hahaha! Its getting hotter this few days huh? Lotion on skin became so annoying the greasy feeling like that. I'm not a lotion fanatic, I don't use lotion whenever I go out or going to sleep some people do that. Simply because I don't like the greasy feeling specially when this hot and all you want to do is to stay at home.

One day, I was with my BFF and I noticed her skin there were some shimmers on it. I thought she's wearing a stocking but she told me she bought a lotion from Avon with shimmers on it. She gave it to me since she has a lot of lotions.

no shimmers at all :)

I tried to dry up in my skin and voila goldy shimmers!
I tried it on Baguio since its cold there and I really need some moisture for my skin. I really love the effect! You just notice the glitters when under the light or sun  and no greasy feeling or heat from it.

What I love:
-soft scent
-cheap :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: Green Tea and Peony by Hayden

Do you love Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume? Yey! I'm a fan too :)
The smell hmm... crisp, and alluring (as my perks says)
Well, how bout the price? For practical budget it was way too impossible to purchase that kind of brand specially when it base on the price.

Good news~! As we all know the controversial Mr. Hayden Kho established a perfume line named after his name. One day I was roaming around SM Fairview and saw his kiosk there, I curiously ask the sales lady "Miss which is your best seller?" she handed me the tester of green tea and peony. I was stunned! Its almost the same w/ Arden. So I sprayed on my wrist and told the sales lady that I will come back if the perfume last for 4hrs and yes it is!

Green Tea & Peony

(Elegant) Chic and timeless, the scent opens with a unique blend of tea, bergamot, bamboo and pear for a subtle, unmistakably luxurious feel. Blends of classy peony with muguet and violet leaf add just enough polish for one to warrant a second glance while the musk and woods base evokes effortless confidence.

Top Note
tea, bergamot,
bamboo and pear
 Heart note
peony, muguet
and violet leaf
Base Note
musk and woods

Variant Name: Green Tea & Peony
Ingredients: tea, bergamot, bamboo, pear, muguet, violet leaf, musk, woods
Available Sizes: 100ml / 50ml
Shade: Pale Green
 Price: 520 100ML/ 380 50ML
Best Seller for HIM : Lemon and Nutmeg (smell sexy and clean)

thumbs up!