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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Avon Skin So Soft Minerals Gems Glamorous Gold

Whew! That was very long title hahaha! Its getting hotter this few days huh? Lotion on skin became so annoying the greasy feeling like that. I'm not a lotion fanatic, I don't use lotion whenever I go out or going to sleep some people do that. Simply because I don't like the greasy feeling specially when this hot and all you want to do is to stay at home.

One day, I was with my BFF and I noticed her skin there were some shimmers on it. I thought she's wearing a stocking but she told me she bought a lotion from Avon with shimmers on it. She gave it to me since she has a lot of lotions.

no shimmers at all :)

I tried to dry up in my skin and voila goldy shimmers!
I tried it on Baguio since its cold there and I really need some moisture for my skin. I really love the effect! You just notice the glitters when under the light or sun  and no greasy feeling or heat from it.

What I love:
-soft scent
-cheap :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: Green Tea and Peony by Hayden

Do you love Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume? Yey! I'm a fan too :)
The smell hmm... crisp, and alluring (as my perks says)
Well, how bout the price? For practical budget it was way too impossible to purchase that kind of brand specially when it base on the price.

Good news~! As we all know the controversial Mr. Hayden Kho established a perfume line named after his name. One day I was roaming around SM Fairview and saw his kiosk there, I curiously ask the sales lady "Miss which is your best seller?" she handed me the tester of green tea and peony. I was stunned! Its almost the same w/ Arden. So I sprayed on my wrist and told the sales lady that I will come back if the perfume last for 4hrs and yes it is!

Green Tea & Peony

(Elegant) Chic and timeless, the scent opens with a unique blend of tea, bergamot, bamboo and pear for a subtle, unmistakably luxurious feel. Blends of classy peony with muguet and violet leaf add just enough polish for one to warrant a second glance while the musk and woods base evokes effortless confidence.

Top Note
tea, bergamot,
bamboo and pear
 Heart note
peony, muguet
and violet leaf
Base Note
musk and woods

Variant Name: Green Tea & Peony
Ingredients: tea, bergamot, bamboo, pear, muguet, violet leaf, musk, woods
Available Sizes: 100ml / 50ml
Shade: Pale Green
 Price: 520 100ML/ 380 50ML
Best Seller for HIM : Lemon and Nutmeg (smell sexy and clean)

thumbs up!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Summer Must Haves!

hola lovelies! As PAG-ASA announced that SUMMER officially on! So whats the plan for summer?
Probably, going to beach and some vacation just don't forget some reminders


You should bring a bottled water always to rehydrate you from the heat of the sun. It also helps you to maintain your skin. So drink a lot!


To protect your eyes. Too much light is a BIG NO-NO!
for a peepers. Lot of trendy sunglasses you can buy from local Forever 21 or in any department store

You shouldn't left home without this! Exposure from the heat of the sun may lead to pre-marture skin aging and worst skin cancer.
Try: Beach Hut
Protect your lips also with lip balm that has SPF on it. To avoid discoloration of your lips

try: Maybelline baby lips w/ SPF20

Review: EOS Sugar Candy Green

Hi guys~! How's your LOVE month? Well for me its not that special just an ordinary day for me coz everyday is valentines day! teehee~

Well, I bought this lens a month ago. At first I'm scared to try this because its bold and odd looking lens but I was wroooooong! This lens is a must try! I like the effect dolly like eyes and very comfortable.

loooove it!!!

w/ flash

w/out flash

pretty lens huh?
Well, as you can see its not noticeable that is green.
and the effect? effin' good! I thought I was wearing 15mm

Manufacturer: EOS
Shelf life: 1year
size: 14.5mm

see yah!