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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year guys!

Happy new year guys!!!

Welcome 2010
a year to move on
to forgive and to forget

Have prosperous new year to all!

Here are some of happenings on our celebration

My Fotd

what I use:
Skin79 bb cream
EB loose powder
Mac Shygirl lipstick
Maybelline gel liner in black
Maybelline volum* express
Fashion21 white eyeliner
Careline peach blush on
Stila Bronzer

whoaa! Lot of fatty foods!
honestly, I feel guilt for stumbling on Crispy pata
inspite that I'm on my serious diet

"I drink laxative tea after to flush out all the fats"

I also captured some fireworks



Sad that I don't captured all amazing fireworks
Boo for my semi-destruct camera

how I wish to get a new camera phone :C

We also went to Quaipo Church without getting some sleep
Just that was our family tradition to attend mass at Quiapo every first Friday of the month

got a giant torotot!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Late Christmas Haul

Apparently, I'm on my way to bankruptcy because of my cousins and godchildren. The good thing was I am able to buy a little treat for myself. I'm happy with my new baby finally arrived!

I bought Skin79 bb cream miniature tube and Tony Moly miniature Cheek and lip tint from Kkochipida. I just said in my previous blog that I don't really use tints because I am really sucks applying it on my face. I bought a miniature for an email response one of my readers actually.

got Skin 79 miniature
tony moly miniature
Skin food beer conditioner
skin79 bb cream sachet
Missha aqua miniature

using skin 79 and tony moly

This one is the most awaited haul this month. I've been waiting this for 3months I think.
Ivy of Eatcandyy sells the most affordable MAC ever! Her sister got it from Mac Warehouse sale. No wonder I just got 1 lippie and other items are all sold out.

I got Mac Cremesheen in Shygirl

opening the package

wee! new baby

shy girl


on my lips!

I really love it!

I'm planning to visit Etude House as my first buy of 2010.
I'm lemming for Romantic Stand and Box hope I get both~!

ciao :>

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Illamasqua Cream Eyeshadow in Morn

Holaaa ladies! Hows your Christmas? Did you already list your New Year Resolutions huh? I have a lot of resolutions, one of them is doing review on my favorite products like this one. I just realize that my Illamasqua blush and eyeshadow has similar color and love them! So lets dissect this one now .

Illamasqua cream eyeshadow pays real eye catching color intensity and i love it. Creamy and very pigmented, it doesn't have that sting smell that can hurt your nose. This is a good base for pink and purple EOTD. You can also wear this as blush on or lipstick.

Beautiful pink color


on my eyes

If Illamasqua is available here, I would love to try all their products.
Some rave that their cream foundation was a way better than MAC.
Lipstick,blush and eyeshadow that I'm lemming oh gawd! that is so very pretty colors .
I think Illamasqua is a good make up investment.

  • creamy
  • pigmented
  • last long (with the primer of course!)
  • can use as blush and lipstick
  • satin-finish
  • sleek packaging
  • not available locally
  • can't wear alone


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas to all..


time is running!

Merry Xmas to all!!

and a short LOTD

inspired in this flower

what I used:
88 E/S palette
CG smoothers
Ecorre BB cream as concelear
illamasqua cream blusher is laid
nyx round l/s in power+femme
stila bronzer
stila lash visor
maybelline gel liner

have a great christmas eve to all!

don't eat too much


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Contest on the block!

If I could wear those killer heels...

Hiyeeh! It so hard for me to see those amazing pumps with 3-5 inch high that could really vamp my outfit but I am flat-footed and can't stand for an hour even on wedges and it is going to be a nightmare!

So, I was window shopping on Multiply and I stumble on this site. My jaw dropped and drooled on these babies, how I wish I could wear them on my ginger-like feet. I have saw many tempting shoes on those pre-order site but never impress me this much! This store really captures my heart and keep visiting on this site.

These are the shoes that keeps me drooling

This one is a steal! It reminds me of YSL cage boots
my gawd..

This one has Rhinestones on heels

always wanted to have a animal print pumps

for more styles you could visit http://virtualmae.multiply.com