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Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Early Christmas Gift

Hey Everyone! How's your Xmas shopping? Me? I'm starting to make a Christmas list, I don't want to forget anyone near to my heart. Early this months, Me, Nikki and Thiamere was chatting to death because of my long M.I.A drama, we have so much stuff to talked. Thia suddenly asked for items from Strawberry.Net, if its good or not. So, after such discussion she just said "got you both an early xmas gift" wuhaaaat?! I was so shocked and surprised!

So what Thiamere got for me?

Sorry, My mom is so excited to see what is in the box and she opened it without me!
Yeah! Mr. Postman delivered it to our door!

Stila My mother, My hero
I don't think this collection is for mothers only
If you are neutral suckers! how cares?

So what the box contains:
Illuminating Finishing powder(bronze)
Eye Shadow Trio (gold glow)
Lip Color (natalie)
Lash Visor Waterproof Mascara
Cosmetic clutch

a beautiful dark violet color

Using the collection
I really love it!

Thiamere also send me this to local courier
she passed me her Smashbox Backdrop
because it doesn't match her skintone

I really love this one because of the cooling effect
So sad Smashbox discontinued this product!

She also gave me
Oriflame Mint Face cream
Mike and Ike Lipbalm in Cherry

I really love Mike and Ike it smells like Bazooka(local bubblegum)

Thanks a lot Thia!
Love lots!


  1. thiamere is such a sweetheart grace ^_^ thats a nice early gift you have

  2. glad you already got it!

    was so worried na baka naligaw na e...

    love ya,hun!
    glad you like everything!

  3. Lucky lucky. Wish me luck with mine.

  4. Wow, Thiamere is really sweet 'no?