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Monday, November 30, 2009

FOTD: Dreamy Pink and help me

Hello guys!!! It's been awhile since my sad post, thanks for those who care I really appreciated it.
It's a brand new month and need to move on, right? As my come back post I do a pink FOTD, its a new color for my fotd I just noticed that I got black, green, blue but never had pink.

What I used:

88 matte color palette
EB Advance foundation
Fashion 21 E/S stick in pearl
in2it Liquid eyeliner
Elf Studio Blush and Bronze duo
Fashion 21 Mineralized Blush on #4
Nyx Round LS in Louisiana
Dior Lipgloss

~Help Me!!!~

My phone was already dead!
I definitely want new one
Honestly I just borrow camera
just to update my blog
I'm selling some of my items in low low price!
click here

and to all my multiply friends
my previous account was hacked!
to add me here


  1. I love the eyes! I will definately be checking out your blog sale

  2. Gorgeous makeup! I really like how you used the pink, sometimes it ends up looking so wrong...
    I'm really sad to here about the bf's friend, we read about the killings here, and it's just so upsetting...lemme know if I can help in any way? XO