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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hell No!

Hello ladies! Yea! I missed a lot in my blog like contest and my favorite blogs that I always read. I've been MIA because lot of school works which requires me sleep over with my group mates and other people who really help us a lot. Thank You! My favorite subject was database subjects like Mysql and Mssql so its quite easy for me but my struggles are not yet over. After the presentation, our panelist asked for some revisions on the database as well as on documentation. Maybe next week , it will really the time that I'll be active again.

I noticed that my followers increased! yey! thank you guys!

I really miss my two sissies thia and nikki, dupk guys? hihi
Nikki congrats on your NARS!
Thia, love the review on mint julep, makes me wanna try it so much!

I did a FOTD

hope y'all like it!
see you soon!
really soon!


  1. Gracieeeeeeeeeee! Hiyeee. Thanks2. ^_^
    Glad we're all back na. :D

  2. ekk!
    buti naman

    kinabahan ako sa title a!

    hindi na kita nakikita sa ym a
    di bale basta sure na makakapasa ka with flying colors walang problema. dito lang kami nagaabang

    love the eye makeup!
    pang PRO!

    naging MIA ka lang pro na ang blending!


  3. welcome back! I loooove that shadow!

  4. Ooo, sultry FOTD! I can't stop staring at the purple eyeshadow!

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