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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sad Update

Sorry guys for not updating my blog for a long time because of sort of sad happening in my life.
First my cellphone died, because of virus something and that's the only gadget that I'm using to take pictures of my FOTDs, EOTDs and alike. I'm sad because I can't capture such memories to treasure with your friend.

Recently, my ex-bf's friend also my friend died in I should say massacre, for those watching TV or listening to the am stations, he's a son of Colonel somewhere in QC who was shot by police in Padis Point Sangandaan. Sadly, the news from the net and media was different from the real story, accusing him as one of the suspect, were definitely angry and broken-hearted knowing that he only do the right thing and then the car that they're using was shot by armed policemen without reasons. To think he's only 20, he just graduated as police and just got married with her wife whose going to gave birth anyday in this month.

My ex-bf spoke to me about what he feels because I'm the only one know his soft side, he's really sad and almost to cry. I remained strong for them and her sister that was really close to me. This was the saddest day in Parkside1 for his family, his friends from birth till now, for the people who knew him. We all gonna miss his "banat", how he drove the L300 really fast, his silliness and all about him. We lost our future policeman who never get 2.o in class card, our friend, our brother and our "swabeng jayson". We love you jay and we all gonna miss you. Till we meet again.

Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!

Neither heaven and hell nor the earth
can get in the way between true friends
Friendship will always be the same as it was.


  1. That is sooo sad girl, I'm praying that everything's gonna be alright for you,for your BF and for the family of your friend Jayson. Everything happens for a reason, everything's gonna be all right.

  2. @ twinsouls thanks a lot!
    yea, everything has a reason ^^

  3. awww
    im so sorry for your loss,girl

    but on the other hand we know that he is now with God. i know you'll miss him, just try to cherish the happy moments with him. im sure that he would want to be remembered as a happy person diba?

    stay strong,girl

  4. awww hope you feel better, death is such a hard thing to cope with. I'm sure that he is a great person and he will be remember as a good guy. hope your week ahead will get better!

  5. hope you feel better soon, it's so painful I know, but life has to go on, live for him and that will make you wake up each day looking at life in a brighter way...

  6. Aww, everything happens for a reason sis. I just hope everything turns out to be better. *hugs and kisses for you dearie*