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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pig out: Pizza hut's Lechon Pizza and Hot box

Inspite of a slightly-strict diet, I can't resist to try out this Lechon Pizza of Pizza hut and this hot box . We don't have a landline too glad there was a Online Ordering, what a relief for me! :)

Lechon Pizza : Medium (10") 329php
HotBox a la carte 219php

Usually 45 minutes to wait for the delivery and Pizza hut never fail me *thumbs up*

Lechon Pizza: It is tad too salty! I can't even finish a slice maybe because it is not literally lechon, it sort of crispy/chicharon skin of pork and the sauce is salty too! :| *diet wrecker* I dont know if its really that bad, because I'm not a salty food fan!

Hot Box: Consist of 2pcs Baked potato pie
4pcs. Meatball twists
4 slices of garlic bread
16 pcs dulce de leche

I just ate the dulce de leche and the baked potato pie which tastes good!

It's a miracle that we didn't finish a box of pizza :|

Fracasco pizza is way eatable than this.

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