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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Friends' Wedding

Do you believe in destiny? That you 're really meant for one person no matter how long the time and how far the distance do you? Honestly, I dont believe in that but after seeing this two beautiful people in my life I started to think is it for real?

Last Saturday my friend Narry and Jr who are high school classmates after 13 years they see each other again and after 8 months they get married! It was really fast and I can't get over it. But so happy for them and can't hold back my tears as they say their vows to each other. It was a romantic garden wedding at Frances Therese Garden in Rizal.

I was kinda envy and emotional with Narry's entrance with Police Guards

Now, I know how a police man get married.
A bunch of police guard and over all white with police accesories

The couple and the swordsmen :)

me and my BFF kelly

I really love my necklace. It gives me korean vibe


My Bf is behind me :)

my connector ring really accentuate to my dress

What I wore:
Forever 21 Cardigan which I got on sale 489php
Faith 21 Floral Dress I got on sale also 519php
Gibi green Shoes on sale 100
Connector ring 60php
necklace 60php


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