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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The All Natural Face Mineral Foundation Review

Hello guys! I was supposed to post this last night but I was freaking tired of all the dancing party at our acquaintance party. That was really fun and I shouted my heart out loud but not being wild but it was the last day of our Foundation Day and also the last day of our pressure-less days at school. Next week we will probably really busy because we need to do some requirements and projects. So, as you remember that my lovely gal Thiamere has passed me her samples of The All Natural Face Mineral Foundation (wheew!) from Etsy. It really takes time for me to do a review because I'm on my test for BRTC bb cream review. This is my first time to do a review on MMU and there's a lot of shades and and it was really confusing! So what I do is I sorted them into family like if there is honey on their name they will be on honey family so that I don't get confused.

lot of samples huh?

Beige Family

From L to R
Medium Beige Warmest
Medium Beige Warmer
Medium Beige Warm
True Beige
Lightest Beige Warmer
Lightest Beige Warm
Lightest Beige Pale


Tan Family

From L to R
Dark Tan Warm
Dark Tan Warmer
Tan Warmer
Tan Warm
Dark Tan Pale
Tan Pale


Honey Family

From L to R
Tupelo Honey
Creamy Honey
Rosey Honey
Honey Kissed
Porcelain Kissed by Honey


From L to R
Cinnamon Latte
Branded Peaches
Butter Pecan
Ivory Rose
Honeyed Ivory Rose


Last Wednesday my little sister's cheering competition, she asked me to do her make up and hair do. So I take this priveledge to used the MMU Foundies to test its lasting power. They are the last performer and stand by for 3 hours until they called. And here the result:

here's her before the competition and after the competition
In that picture we're on Jollibee because I was starving to death.

  • Many shades to choose from
  • Smell Free
  • Nice Staying Power
  • impressive oil control
  • Not available in the country
  • long name? hahaha!
  • gave me some break outs on my face
that's it!


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