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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My country is still in danger and Rants

Hello guys! Sorry for lack of update these few weeks and seems I don't have any thoughts to blog on until I have read a twitter alert. As you all know that Ondoy (Ketsana) devastated Greater Manila and our fellow Filipinos are suffering from hunger, thirst and sickness. I feel so helpless, I really wanted to help but I don't know how. Until my professor in Humanities posted in Facebook that were going to help victims by bringing clothes, foods and water, finally a way to help others. So, I ransack my closet and I can say that I have a lot of clothes that I'm not using anymore because it doesn't fit me. We also do a door to door within our neighborhood, we asked for some old clothes from them and I'm so very happy that my neighbors really would like to help.

we almost filled one sack from door to door

We're very thankful that other people from different country
lend some help like Hollywood Stars and groups.

But we're also feel arggh.. with this one:

A korean posted this on Twitter.

another excerpt from this photos:

"I hope it keeps raining and die in flood like those Filipino monkeys"- by uglyYubin

"How come you're not drowning yet?
Oh well, you will eventually. It hasn't stop raining yet.LOL!"
- a response twit to Hades by UglyYubin

I just don't know how should I reacted when the first time I read it.
Like I wanted to kill her haha! No joke! I just hate racists!
I agree that she's Ugly inside and out!

So glad Twitter suspended her and her tentacles(friends). haha!


Let's pray also, another storm is going to land this coming Friday..

much stronger wind~!
much heavy rain falls~!

Lord, please help us!


  1. That was horrible! How can anyone say that?!?!

    I wish the best for you ladiess!!

  2. wow!
    ang bait naman ni gracie!

    if you are angry about that, then have you heard of jacque bermejo?
    if not, then im pretty sure it would set your blood boiling even more

  3. wow, I am so pissed with this one... I haven't heard of this just until now... I feel sorry for her, because i just know know that Santa won't include her in his good girl list :) LOL! but hey doesn't she know that a lot of his fellow Koreans are spending most his time here in the Philippines just to learn English??? and one more thing most of them are putting up their businesses here and they earn money here in the Philippines... Where the "poor Filipino monkeys" live....

    I am not including all of the Koreans ok... just her coz I am an English teacher and have taught Koreans for 9 years and I haven't met one like her! she's a BIATCH! sorry for the bad word it's just that now that we are suffering I cannot imagine someone like her would wish for us to suffer more...

  4. huhu sana hindi tayo masapol ng bagyong Pepeng but according to CNN we will be hit with this Super Typhoon :(

    p.s. I don't believe the poster is really YooBin of Wondergirls..she won't do that because she knows she has fans here in the Philippines..plus they are going international so they won't be allowed to post something like that..must be an anti-yoobin based on the username "ugly yoobin"

  5. GRRRRR.... nahigh-blood ako kay uglyYubin!!!

  6. Hello, I'm a Korean.
    I must say to filipino.
    I think that twitter author is NOT Korean, Anti-Korean Japanese.
    'Kim Yubin' is famous Korean singer.

    if he/she is really Korean, why he hate Korean, and named as "ugly"?

    he/she is NOT a Korean, he/she is a Japanese who pretend to Korean.
    Remeber, Internet is anonymous world, anybody pretend to any nationality.