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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FOTD party like a rockstar

Its an early post huh? I'll be MIA later tonight because I will attend an event at school. It's our foundation week a lot of events going to happen like cheer dance competition where my lil sister going to wear a cheer dance costume (a short skirt and rib tank) in spite she's a butch and of course I'll be doing her make up in that day. Well I've been working on what look I'm going to do on our acquaintance party, its an all night partying with my classmates, schoolmates and of course our professors. So, first I wonder if I can do a blue mode in that event.

what I use:

Ever Bilena Studio Finish Concealer
Fashion 21 E/S stick in Pearl
LA colors Glittering starlet Elizabeth palette
CG eye enhancers in onyx
The all natural face foundation in Honey Tupelo (part of my review)
Careline Peach Glow blush on
Maybelline gel liner
nyx round lipstick in thalia

I decided to do a messy hair since I want to be rockstar
hehe.. rock on \m/

add some star hoops

how about adding fedora hat?

bounce some suggestions please?

and finally... Mr. Postman lend another 2 parcel notices!
And I'm soo excited and i just cant hide it la.. la.. la..
dunno the next lyrics *wink*



  1. rawr!
    love the blue
    its so intense
    you can melt people with your stare,girl
    love it!

    2 packages..
    yay for those!

  2. very cute, love the eyes and the lip color on u!

  3. Love your makeup! I really like your fedora hat!

  4. oh nice hat .,digging with blue huh! very nice and sexy smokey look

    I refollowed cuz i didnt see your updates anymore !!


  5. I really have got to try those nyx lippes they look really nice :)

  6. love the deep blue color :) and congrats on being a finalist on mizz worthy's contest! i hope you win girl! sana yung PO notice is for our NYX haul hehe :)