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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Haul

Hello ladies! Today, I've been in 3 malls because I'm hunting some Life and Companion Brushes! Where the heck are they? I failed this time again! Anyway, after 3 years I stepped to Cubao Farmers again! I mean, I always pass by that area but never go to malls or stop by. So, I bought some items from Careline I got 1 blush on and 1 loose e/s duo, actually I don't have plan to buy an e/s but since it was sale, who could resist it? from 80 pesos($1.50?) it became 50 pesos($1). As I roamed around the mall seeking for Life and Companion, I passed by to this store U.S 99 store (am i right?) and got some really sweet deal! L.A Colors E/S was on 20% sale! from Php99($2) it became Php80($1.50) not bad huh? I saw LA Colors, Jordana, Jordache , Cover girl, L'oreal, Maybelline and Beauty Treats in a very tempting price! Surely, I'll go back for moooore!

mini hauling

I got Glittering Starlet E/S in
Audrey(above) and Elizabeth (below)

Lovely colors and also pigmented
Swatch of Audrey

Swatch of Elizabeth

Careline Loose E/S in Tango
Careline Blush on in Peach glow(finally a peach blush on)

Swatch of tango

Few days ago, Mr. Postman lend this to my mom!
I'm soo excited to see my package but so nervous on customs fee haha!
Gucci or Necklace?
MsCuppyCake? haha~!

Can't wait till monday!



  1. yay! I really like your eyeshadow swatches!

  2. nice swatches! L&C brushes are always out of stock :P

  3. Oh I am so jealous of your L.A. Colors palette! Where did you get it? what mall? I bought my l.a colors 5 pc palette from the net and its P250+ shipping it costs around 300++ for just one palette. I love your haul! :)

  4. whoopee!

    nice haul,girl!
    its great to know that you can easily buy LA Colors whenever you wanted to.

  5. WOW that eyeshadow is amazingly pigmented...!