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Friday, September 4, 2009

Love Package and Update

Hi ladies! I'm so happy today because the ever beautiful Thiamere sent me a love package! She told me she's going to send me MMU samples from Etsy. We have a really great time chatting and talking on everything. Thia and Nikki makes me smile always even in the hardest point of my life. Thank you girls!

The all Natural Face Foundation Samples
CG Smoothers Lip Liner
Smashbox Cooling Tint (04) sample in jar (my first ever Smashbox)
A brush Cleaner in a bottle

Love Notes?

cute heart glitters

So, Its been 4 days since me and my bf broke up and it sad until now but girl I got to move on, right? I get rid some things that will remind me of him. I decided to cut my hair since he was the one who decided on my last haircut and pictures, rings and all the stuff he gave I kept in the box. Some gifts from him that I can't give up because that's part of my collection and It so hard for me to throw them, they are so cute.

new haircut

he gave me all this babies

one of the poem he gave me

It's time to leave... I really gonna miss you :'C

And this song really explain what I feel right now



  1. This post makes me teary eyed honest. But you are right, at some point in your life you have to move on. Everything happens for a reason. Be strong and pray lang ^_^. And the new hair looks sooo cute.

  2. And it helps to cry pala. Don't keep all the negative feelings inside. When you feel like crying, then cry. ^_^

  3. strong ka Gracie, stroooong! you're gonna be purrr-fectly fine. and nice haul. :D

  4. hope you feel better now.. bagay sa iyo short hair.. :D smile dear... mahirap sa una but you'll get through this,,

  5. Oh my. I'm sorry to hear that. He's not the last guy on earth, dear. Stay strong. :)

  6. *hugs*
    galit diba?

    galit ang pairalin
    sigaw ka..argghhhh!!!!! at bibili ka ng cheese ring sa tindahan habang papunta sa rockwell at podium

    un dpt ang isipin mu

    gaya ng sabi mu..xa ang nawalan..
    hnd ikaw..

    ganda mu kaya!

  7. *sniff. i feel for you sis :(