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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update, Rant and Haul

Hello ladies! How's your day? Me and my cousins went to cinema today, we watched Yaya and Angelina they're soo very funny. When I got home, I saw two packages on my bed! Oh my.. after 5 days JRS already delivered my item like WTF?! I called them several times and they always told me that my item is "on delivery" status and just wait for the messenger, of course I waited for the Mr. JRS and NOTHING! I feel really irritated when I'm waiting for nothing! rawrsz! hehe!

For doing a nice move visiting my relatives in Valenzuela, my dad gave me moolah! wee! I'm so very happy, me and my mom shopped together another happy moment. Finally, I got a dress, I really promised to myself that I'm going buy one. I dunno why I'm saving up classic clothes that never out of style.

I really love this!
Good for defense for school and seminars.

As you remember, I do join pre-order at multiply
and I really saved a lot of money. I checked Zoo York store at Trinoma and woow!
I just saved half the price compared to the retail store.

Love the this hoodies!

It's reversible!

2 hoodies in 1

When DollFace announced that they're going to have an event on their anniversary,
I messaged her right away to reserve a slot for me because I really wanted to have the 88 matte palette but I was not able to went there, so I ordered online instead! hehe!

thank God nothing horrible happen to my new baby!

I was lucky to got this! It's Mac Mineralized blush in Merrily and I really love the color!
The color suit me well and the price? this one is for 500 pesos only! whew!
I'm very happy because this is my very first MAC baby.

I just hope that my Make up Masala haul finally arrives,
Eco tools blush brush would be perfect to this baby.

lovely red blush with gold specs!

that's it ladies!



  1. woot! MAC beybeh. congrats on your new babies. :D

  2. lol. wow. nice haul and nice of your dad to give you some money to spend! haha. I want a dress like the first one for awhile but never found the right material. haha. I'm too picky about everything c[=

  3. LOL for a moment, when I saw 500, i nearly died in shock! THen I realized that you probably didn't mean US dollars.