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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A gift from my aunt!

Visiting relatives was really fun! Last Monday we went to Valenzuela to check my relatives if they are okay and safe. I don't have really plan to do a sleepover but since the rain fall was really heavy, we decided to stay. My aunt was really a swarovski fan, she has a lot of it! She asked me if I can company her to her friend nearby and her friend has a lot of swarovski woow! The best part is?! My aunt gave me 3 items! wooow! I really love them! She got me 2 earrings, a bracelet and a pair of teddy bears!

I really like the fact that wire was 14k gold

My aunt never forgot what was my birthstone "amethyst"

she got me this lovely pair!

jade bracelet!

I'm really kid at heart!
lovely pair of teddies!

I named them after two make-up brands that I really wish to have.


have a great weekend!



  1. wow!
    mac & nars
    ang sosyal naman ng teddy bears

    the jewelries look lovely,girl!

  2. Nice Earrings, oh and I love teddy bears too :)

  3. pretty earrings!
    and the jade bracelet is nice too. :)
    i hope it will bring you good luck <3