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Sunday, December 26, 2010

L'oreal Studio Line Downright Smooth review

Like other girls, I'm not blessed with long shiny straight hair. My hair was more wavy but every year I visit salon to get re-bonded but I was late that I realized I actually hurting my hair. It ended up dry, frizzy and unruly. So I decided to cut it and let the wavy hair grow.

After almost 5 months my hair grow longer and wavier but still unruly and frizzy. I get to used the Vitress Hair Cuticle which I really hate because it make my hair super oily and it weight down my hair.

When I visited American 99 store at Farmers and search for better american product. I saw Tresseme and Garnier Fructis which I read some good review but L'oreal Studio Line Down Right Smooth catches my attention because its more on milky liquid not oily which is I uber like!
frizzy hair arghh!

L'oreal Studio line 5.2 Fl oz.
See Its Milk!

Super Smoothing Milk
All the Look: Smooth and Tamed

Spray on my other side of my hair , distribute the product by combing and blow dry

my hair blow dried but without L'oreal

my hair blow dried with L'oreal
Now, Ready on the go!!

Doesn't weight down my hair
Not Oily
No Funky Smell

dont like:
Not available locally since we know American Store has limited stocks of their products

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  1. Your hair looks so soft and shiny!

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