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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My mom's xmas present for me!

6 days to go, its Xmas time! Me and my mom done shopping gifts and she also bought gifts for me! yey! Me and my mom was really close, she's a friend and a good listener. Yeah! I'm so glad that I have a mother like her! love you mom!

So, as we go shopping my mom decided to bought some clothes for me and her also. At first I was thinking a casual blouse and slacks but my mom wanted this dress for me. Like what?! It was to mommy-like dress but i decided to fit it also. When I see how beautiful it compliments my body I mean the slimming effect of the dress was really wonderful and its not mommy-like its somewhat vintage-y dress. She also got me a flat shoes that I've been lemming for. wee!

*It's the first time to model my haul, I'm so big hehe..*

lovely navy blue dress

loving the stones

gray suede flats w/ stones also

This is me after 1 month diet and aerobics
I just shoot my body if there is any results

without belt

with belt

I post my before and after pics,
so that you my friends can judge if there's any change.