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Friday, December 11, 2009

Early Xmas Haul

Finally! My pre-order has arrived!
It takes 3 months to arrived and it feels like heaven
but now its on my hand and I really love them!

Shoes From DrJays.com

cute Adidas!

Pastry Strawberry Hi Top

~MM Premium choco mint

yea! I'm a chocomint addict!

Tita Mac is so generous!

I also get this from one Multiply seller

Roxy Bag

Old navy in Ireland

Green is in!

As you noticed I don't haul cosmetics for awhile
because I'm saving for cellphone and a MAC item

and also I'm starting to wrap some gifts
how bout you?

What is your early xmas haul?


  1. nice haul naman!
    like the shus!

    you'll be able to try the lash stylist na din

    haven't done my shopping yet..
    will do it tomorrow.
    i need to be with bf so that i won't buy the whole store e

  2. @thia wow... hehe.. tagapigil ng temptations?

    @nikki singular lang hehe la pera

  3. Those shoes rock! I'd love to wear those. You've a great taste. :)

    Lots of love,

  4. i seriously have been lemming for that kinda shoes !
    are they expensive there?hehehe

  5. the bag is nice :) can you share the link to the seller? TIA!