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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year guys!

Happy new year guys!!!

Welcome 2010
a year to move on
to forgive and to forget

Have prosperous new year to all!

Here are some of happenings on our celebration

My Fotd

what I use:
Skin79 bb cream
EB loose powder
Mac Shygirl lipstick
Maybelline gel liner in black
Maybelline volum* express
Fashion21 white eyeliner
Careline peach blush on
Stila Bronzer

whoaa! Lot of fatty foods!
honestly, I feel guilt for stumbling on Crispy pata
inspite that I'm on my serious diet

"I drink laxative tea after to flush out all the fats"

I also captured some fireworks



Sad that I don't captured all amazing fireworks
Boo for my semi-destruct camera

how I wish to get a new camera phone :C

We also went to Quaipo Church without getting some sleep
Just that was our family tradition to attend mass at Quiapo every first Friday of the month

got a giant torotot!


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  1. gracie belated merry xmas and happy new year!!!

    ang sarap ng handa nyo ha! lalo ako nagutom ngayon!