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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If I could wear those killer heels...

Hiyeeh! It so hard for me to see those amazing pumps with 3-5 inch high that could really vamp my outfit but I am flat-footed and can't stand for an hour even on wedges and it is going to be a nightmare!

So, I was window shopping on Multiply and I stumble on this site. My jaw dropped and drooled on these babies, how I wish I could wear them on my ginger-like feet. I have saw many tempting shoes on those pre-order site but never impress me this much! This store really captures my heart and keep visiting on this site.

These are the shoes that keeps me drooling

This one is a steal! It reminds me of YSL cage boots
my gawd..

This one has Rhinestones on heels

always wanted to have a animal print pumps

for more styles you could visit http://virtualmae.multiply.com



  1. stunning shoes! lemming for YSL cage too lol

  2. stunning heels! I love heels. These aren't bad since the base isn't tiny. You'll be fine! lol.