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Sunday, February 7, 2010

NYX Rouge Blush in Glow

Blush on is one of my staple make-up routine, yeah! I can't leave the house without it! Finding some blush-on that compliments your skin tone and makes you really glow is needed of several trial and error.

This is my first time to had a NYX blush on and before I get this one I really had a hard time reading tons of reviews and swatches. Finally I decided to get the cream blush on in GLOW. When I saw the blush after ripping off the package all I can say is love.love.loooove!

Glad that I took a picture before I dipped my finger on it
i just said "o my! i hit the pan" :(

What I like:
  • Pretty pink color
  • Pigmented
  • Stays for 4 to 5hrs
  • it looks natural if blended well
  • affordable
  • Locally available (Thanks Sol!)
What I hate:
  • Melt easily. When I dipped my finger I almost hit the pan (OMG!) unlike with my Illamasqua cream blush.

I'm wearing this blush for almost a week now, everybody noticed that I'm glowing. "Hey gracie! You're blooming today are you already found your V partner?-- my gay friend

It's a compliment of course!

Some snapshot of me wearing NYX Glow

Glow indeed?

I'm glad that I got this one but who knows!
I might try other shades in the future :D

So, make sure ladies that on your valentines date
wear a blush that will make you truly makes you glow.



  1. I actually like this blush on you. Glowing but natural looking =]

  2. Hi there,
    I just recently found your blog & now following. ^^ I have some NYX lipstick & eyeshadows but not blush. You're right this makes you glow!! I wanna try it now. :)

  3. I can't agree more how lovely this is. It's my absolute favourite blush lately! :D xx

  4. I have NYX powder blush, but I haven't tried their cream blush yet. Thanks for sharing. Makes me wanna get a cream blush! =)

  5. I want. :( You definitely look glowing!!

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