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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nivea Pinkish Boost

Recently, I noticed my lips become darker and dull. All ladies wanted a natural kissable lips and I miss mine. Some may ask me if I started smoking or whatever comes in their mind, it so embarrassing and I make sure that I put pinkish lipstick shade on my lips and check it every seconds. How come may lips became this much darker? Maybe Thia is right... I'm just so excited to use the lipsticks I bought from her, you're right girl :C. Oh my precious lips... how can I turn back your pinkish color??

So, I was roaming around the mall this afternoon and tempted to buy something for myself, a Maybelline Gel Liner or a Maybelline Cat's eye Mascara which I have read a lot of good reviews about this two but obligations first before spend too much for myself. I visited Godiva stall to buy LicoWhite Lipgloss with Vitamin but one item catches my attention, a new product from Nivea and its Nivea Pinkish Boost.

So, whats up with the new product?

Nivea Lipcare Pinkish Boost, the first lip care product that helps reveal natural rosy lips. With its Pinkish Vitamin complex and regenerative ginseng, regular use will reduce the dullness of your lips and restore its natural rosiness or pinkish color. The product contains SPF 15 to help protect lips from further darkening while double moisturizers provide long lasting moisturization for up to eight hours.

  • smells nice
  • long lasting moisturization
  • sun protection SPF 15
  • it has ginseng
  • Much costly than Godiva 175 php


Naturally rosy lips, even without lipstick, are beautiful. But with exposure to external influences, lips could look dull and unhealthy but with Nivea Lipcare Pinkish Boost, you can get naturally rosy lips that always look fresh and alluring sans lipstick.

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