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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Haul for the First day of August!

Hauling again? hahaha! This is why I hate bringing extra money when I'm going to malls. I ended up buying things w/out thinking and no plans buying it! So this time I bought Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Mauvey and Skin. I love the color I took 1 hour thinking what should I buy the Mauvey or Skin? why choose when I can buy bought hahaha! Seems the SA knew me because I always dropped by in the area.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstck:

Pure Impact, Pure Luxury, Ultra matte Finish! The only matte lipstick that makes your lips supple and smooth. Delicately scneted in a long weraring formula that accentuates and pampers your lips. Incredibly luxurious w/ vitamin E that gives your lips the natural moist

// it did not gave me a burning sensation in my lips unlike the first lipstick I bought in the same line that's why It's been 5 years before I bought lips product in them.

//Cheaper price P125 (almost $3)

//light weight other matte lipstick makes me feel heavy in wearing them

// long lasting? maybe! because I tried to put Mauvey in my lipstick and I fell asleep w/out removing it (I'm very tired). And its still there.


Mauvey.. like it

Sorry for some nose holes ^_^

w/ flash

w/out flash

I have a second thought of posting my another haul. But this kinda cute.

Miura Indoor Plants

130 each ($3)

I like the vase ^_^

I put this one on my computer desk

Tita Mac send me this: It's yummy and diet wrecker


  1. i love eb in pink flame hindi sa akin bagay ang mauvey,, :C

  2. i haven't tried any EB lipstick..
    ill try buying once someday nga

  3. hola!
    thanks for following me ;)
    yeapper i'' follow you as well!
    wow both lippie color suits you well~~
    soo nude soo milky pastel hehe

    hehe let's go green!!