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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update: No Carb Diet

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the love comments on my recent post. Actually its been 1 week and 3days I'm doing this diet but my friend advice me to do it for just one week! hahaha! Am I desperately enough to lose weight? At first is so hard to fight all the temptations because Filipino's meal a day always include RICE but when you learn to control yourself it's very easy to fight all that evils in your head!

Question #1: No Carb diet means zero carbohydrates intake?

ans: No, you can also eat wheat bread about 20% of daily intake.

Question #2: Carbohydrates is one of the main source of energy, do you feel weak or less energy?

ans. No, Our body will burn our stored fats in our body to become fuel or energy.

Question #3: So, what do you eat?

ans. Fish,meat, skin less chicken, hard boiled eggs, wheat breads, fruits and vegetables.

Some of you may asked also, what do I eat when were out together with my friends. I'm a fast food addict! KFC, Mcdo and all like. But remember Fastfood= sugar+cholesterol+fats.

This is the classic healthy plate from Kenny Rogers


Vegetable Salad
Grilled Chicken
Fruit Salad
Lite Iced tea

My first impression: Am I going to full in that?
But after finish my meal, I'm very full! I can't even move!

You can also buy a mixed fruit in SM Supermarket
there's a lot different fruits you can choose from.

My choices:

(I don't know what's the name of the other fruit)


Now, I almost lose 4kgs! My hubby noticed flattened tummy hahaha! He's the one who insisted to continue it! He's very supportive? hahaha! He actually wanted me to lose weight not to extend to become thin but to be look like a plus size model! As I continue my journey to this diet, I will update my status week by week.

And lastly, I want to thanks Miss Shirley of Notesfromthetoothfairy for her wonderful Gucci Cosmetic Bag Giveaway! Thank you so much! Maybe this is my lucky month and Thia's too! congrats girl for winning two grandslam giveaway!


  1. awww...
    im happy for you!
    buti ka pa..hehe

    idiet mu na lang ako

  2. Isn't the no-carb diet very restricting? I mean, for me I CAN'T have a meal without heapings of rice.

    Take care gracie! ^___^

  3. pero ingat ka pa rin sa dressings sis. ang cream- based dressings ay fatty pa rin. it's like eating 5 strips of bacon at 4 stacks of pancakes with butter and maple syrup. so FATTY pa rin talaga siya. also, the low- fat cream- based dressings might be a good alternative, but there is no guarantee that the sugar content is low. in most cases, fat content is low but the sugar content is high. one saves the other so it'll still have some yummy taste to it, for marketing purposes.

    make it a habit to check the nutritional values chart. dapat low sodium, low fat at low sugar para bibilis ang pagpayat mo. :)