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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tagged: 10 thing about meh

The Fabulous Thiamere of On beauty stuff and what else's tagged me to do the 10 random things about me! I love this girl she's very down to earth and I appreaciate always her comments to my blogs. It makes me feel that I'm not a non-sense at all! hehehe... So here it goes:

1. I'm a chocolate lover! I really ate a lot of chocolates, It completed my day...
but since I'm on a diet??? hahaha! I ate quaker's granola bars in chocochips! yummy!

2. I'm very mean! I'm a straight forward person... I don't care If i hurt somebody as long as I tell what's really on my mind and heart. i'm not plastic

3. I'm a cry baby. Yeah, I can cry If I wanted too! I even cry along with the drama on tv! wahaha!

4. I'm very adventurous! That's the thing that my bf like me the most! I even stole something from a grocery when I was in grade 5 I think! It was a dare and I won 500 bucks! It's just for fun!

5. I like to travel! I just love to seek thrills and new discoveries!

6. I hate NUMBERS! and everything about it! math, logic, computations... they are from all hell! wahahaha!

7. Once I had a relationship with a BUTCH/tomboy/tibo whatsoever! and It lasted for almost 5days, just out of my curiousity.

8. I can sleep up to 15-19 hours a day! and I miss that!

9. I don't have any vices, but I know how to smoke and drink hard liquor! tagay! I even had drinks with my bf and his friends (mix of gals and boys) and after that he didn't allow me to drink again and get drunk because I was crying all night and searching for my mom!!! wahaha! somewhat embarrassing cause I knew that they are all laughing at me and teased whenever I'm around hahaha! It really sucks!

10. Bad words are my bestfriend? wahahaha! my bf even plaster my mouth for about 2hours because he gets annoyed a lot!

A good gal or a bad one??


Now, It's you time to shine ladies!!

Im tagging

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have a great sunday fellas!

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