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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update: What is my daily look?

Sorry guys! I've been M.I.A this past few weeks! yea, I miss blogging terribly. I've been busy from school works and some item reviews. I'm waiting for my online hauls so that I post my haul for this month!!!

Someone asked me, what kind of look you wearing?? like she noticed every time she see me. I think its called "gyaru" look. It is complementing my geo lens and i love its light and perfect for daily look for me!

So here's some of my look:

I used light gold shimmery for my eyelids

light pink lips w/ lipgloss for fresher look

Pink blush for more radiance and younger looking!

Perfect for the day!

Upcoming blog post:

Haul for the month
Contest from awesome blogger!
Lady Gaga's Paparazzi inspired look

Hope I can update as much as I do!!!

miss you guys ^_^


  1. Awww how cute!^^
    Thx for enterin my giveaway!^^

  2. cute indeed! :) love the shimmer on the tearduct.. :)