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Monday, July 13, 2009

MU response #1

As I woke up in the morning, I've check my accounts friendster, multiply, facebook, emails and blogger of course! So as I open my emails, one of my anonymous readers ask me to do a day and night look in purple! So, I was very shocked and in my mind, "oh girl I'm not the perfect one to asked for this one, my creativity and make up skills really sucks! heheheh!."

here's the email:

Dear Ms. Gracie,

I've been following your blog anonymously since I dont any have account at blogger and I dont have time to maintain if I'm going to have one. I'm a purple -holic! everything I owned is purple or have a hint of purple and yeah I'm really obsessed with it! I emailed you because I have some troubles putting up make up and If its okay kindly do a day and night make up in purple!!! please please! We're having a reunion this week and I dont want to mess up in that occasion. I really love your DIYs keep it goin' I know you help a lot people even my mom was reading your blog because of your DIYs and really good discount goods! I love the harajuku wacth and I got one from also the link site that you posted! thanks a lot!

Ms. Purpleshock

Ms. Purpleshock I'm glad that I help a lot of people from my DIYs and please regards me to your mom.

As the Request of Ms. Purpleshock

*Night Look*


Night look

Focus: Lips or Eyes

When doing your makeup for an evening look, most makeup artists recommend that you choose either your lips or your eyes as the focus.Heavy eye makeup and dark lipstick looks something like the pages of Vogue circa 1984.

If you like intense eye makeup with layers of different shades, thick liner and mascara, then you are better off toning down your lips by doing a neutral shade or keeping them sheer and glossy. If you have great lips and want to play them up with a sassy red or deep plum, then you can use just a touch of liner on the lash line, and a neutral sweep of shadow. If the focus is on your lips, make sure to take care of them by moisturizing and exfoliating so your lip color doesn’t look flaky on dry lip skin.

**Night look / day look**
**Night look / day look**

*Day look*


Day look

Go Easy on the Day Shimmer

Many makeup items today have a certain radiance or light reflective pigment in them, otherwise known as shimmer or by the old-fashioned term “frost.” You want to go easy on the shimmer for daytime wear. In the harsh glare of the sun, light just bounces off those shimmery pigments and can look kind of garish. A little shimmer is fine in a lip gloss, and a touch of it works well in your neutral base eye shadow to brighten up the eye area, too. Avoid shimmery blushes, highlighters, and dark eye shadows when going for a softer daytime look. The general rule of thumb with shimmer is to keep it to one feature. You can always up the shimmer and a bit for nighttime wear!

Hope this would help you a lot too!

note: Thank you ladies for your undying support and advices, I'm struggling right now but because of you.. I can wear a smile even just for awhile!! thanks a lot!!! love you all!



  1. i like the day look!

    its just a simple purple which is perfect for the office

    hope you're feeling better now,sweetie!

  2. I like the purple look a lot!! ;)