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Thursday, July 30, 2009

TMS 100 Followers Giveaway!

To earn entries in the drawing for these fabulous prizes, Keep reading.... Here's how it works. There are 3 ways to earn entries.

Part ONE- Earn 1 Entry- Must be a follower (reader sounds better)- Submit your entry by leaving a comment in the entry form below. You can only enter once using this method. ( more than one entry will not be accepted/ deleted)

Part TWO- Earn 1 additional Entry- Refer someone to follow my site, If they follow/subscribe and complete the entry form below you earn an additional entry. The person you refer would need to enter themselves and also mention that they were "referred by __________ (your name/blog here) 1 entry for them, 1 more for you!! ( possible entries are unlimited here, however only one entry per person referred)

**So don't forget me to put on your Referred by:**

Part THREE- So I was asking my almost 7 year old daughter about a fun idea for a the contest. She suggested a guessing jar. So the last portion of the contest is called Rissa's Jar. She has put lipsticks in a jar and counted them out. What a fun idea, right! So comment below and indicate how many lipsticks you think are in Rissa's Jar. If you are right you will earn 5 additional entries. If your guess is within 5 of the correct number you will earn 2 additional entries. All thanks for the extra chances goes to miss Marissa!

**For the Link, click the photo**


  1. Thanks so much for reposing this and following! I really appreciate it!


  2. no problem I will mention you hehe..

  3. hmmmm....I guessssss - 47! Whatever the number of lippies in that jar is...ITS A FREAKING LOT!! Im so jelly!!! LUCKY GIRL!