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Sunday, July 12, 2009

EOTD: PotPot and giveaways!

Whatta day! I'm very sad today... Mr. A confessed that he is fed up, yeah maybe I was really a non-sense person : C. But he told me that he's fed up but it doesn't mean that he fall out of love, we just need some space and whatsoever! Can someone help me to throw him on space so he could feel the whole space w/out the gravity and w/out me? hehehehe! Back to the business...

Wondering what is PotPot?! It is a name a commercial of Alactagrow Milk! "asan si potpot?!" Actually that is not really my inspiration but when I showed it to my BFF ever she asked "potpot?"and I remember the color of the footprints and my actual inspiration are almost the same! lol!

Here's my inspiration! my colorful knee-socks! I cant sleep w/out it!
It always keep me warm ^_^

wondering where the heck is my lens?

hating my heavy crease!

Don' worry ladies! I keep pushing!
Need more practice!

DSK's Giveaway!!

O my gawd!!

The ever wonderful creator of DSK , Steph is giving away
this amazing giveaway!!!!



1. DSK's Triple Swarovski Heart Necklace!
Colors shown are Moonlight, Golden Shadow, and Light Amethyst
(you can pick the colors if you win, round link chain only)

2. DSK's New Swarovski Circle of Life Necklace (not yet debuted!)

3. DSK's New Swarovski Pearl Collection Bracelet (not yet debuted!)

Pictures will be posted closer to the last week of the Giveaway!


1. Be a full on DSK follower

2. Mention my 3rd Giveaway randomly & anywhere, blog, youtube, facebook, so more ladies and
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3. Leave a comment in this post: "I Love DSK" & Leave me your name & email

4. Good Luck!


  1. ok lang yan praktis lang ng praktis :D

  2. Astronaut ba c Mr. A? Baket nya kelangan ng space? hehe! pinatatawa lang kita,ah! hmmmm... I've been to this countless situation before but I still believe in- If you love him then fight for him rather than if you love him, then set him free(di na uso un). Pwede nyo namang harapin ang prob nyong 2 ng magkasama keo at hindi ng magkahiwalay,kung mahal mo talaga ang isa't-isa. Andito lng nmn kaming mga kabloggers mo,eh ^_^

    BTW, nice colors...at ang contact lens, bonggang-bongga!wag kna sad,ah! *hugs*

  3. yeah am wondering what's your lens?

    ok dont get me wrong kasi sabi mo u need other opinion .i don't want to interfere pero piece of advice sana magusap na lang kayo. giving space will not solve the problem minsan mauuwi na sa break-up.. try to have self realization bakit kaya nya gusto ng space? maybe nasasakal na sya or yun iba guys naman naku reason lang nila " I need space" un pla may may iba na ... naku dalawa lang bagay lang un sis!

    joke time:

    LOuie:girl, Balita ko hiwalay na kayo ng B.f mo?
    GRACIE: Oo, Mare.
    LOUIE: Bakit naman sis ?
    GARCIE: Kasi pakiramdam ko balak nyang mag-ASTRONAUT, kasi lagi nyang sinasabi....
    "I NEED SPACE"....
    hihi blah corny no!?

  4. *hugs*
    in a relationship there will come a time where terse moments exist...
    believe me..i am in a long time relationship & bf & i have been together for 7yrs+

    im pretty sure you'll be able to work things out.it takes 2 to tango,diba?


    & that is a very colorful look!
    nasan nga kaya c potpot?

  5. I would throw him to Jupiter because you know, boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider -=P But in all goodness, hope it works out between you guys and of course it will. Take care!

  6. Whooooooot! The comments on my blog finally work. Thanks for helping me test it out ;)