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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's in my bag

This is one of the contest I looove to join! French kiss' what's in my bag contest. Here it goes!

I always bring my STUFFS wherever I go, a lot of make ups and lot of baggage that just added to my burden. Maybe because I am not secure without all of my stuffs. Whenever I'm going out going to mall or just in my friend's place, I always bring this stuffs sort of i am running away from our house! :D I love make ups but when once you see me, I'm kinda boyish style and besides my bf didn't want me to wear skirts, maybe he's kinda securing me.

My brand new backpack!

Inside of my bag

a lot of pouches!

::. HerBench Hair brush
::.Esprit Umbrella w/c my bf requires me to always
bring because I have a weak immune system
::.Liz Claiborne Wallet
::.FlyWear Sunglasses
::.Johnson Baby Powder
::.Green Cross Moisturizing alcohol
::. Bath and Body works Body Splash in Warm Vanilla

I always bring a book,notebook and my pencil case
I don't want to buy another ballpoint pen whenever I forgot to bring it

::.My currently book I'm loving right now is Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong

Inside of my pencil case
::.Ballpen (black,green and pink)
::Wipe out
::.Index Card
::.Binder clip

This Pouch is for my gadgets
::.My Nintendo DS

I'm a flat footed person and I can't stand wearing killer heels
That's why I always bring my flipflops my life saver!

Finally, My Vanity Kit

::.Ever Bilena Two-way Cake
::.Ever Bilena 24 E/S palette
::.Ever Bilena Studio Finish Concealer
::.Nichido Eyelash Curler
::.Hello Kitty Contact lens Case
::.In2it Eyeliner in Black
::.In2it Mascara
::.Maybelline lipstick
::.Maybelline Pressed powder
::.Elf Lipglaze
::.MaryKate and Ashley lipgloss
::.Delux Cream Eyeshadow
::.4u2 Blush on
::.Nichido Blush on
::.Estee Lauder blush on in Rose Fawn
::. Bath and Body works lotion Warm Vanilla
::.Paganini Mirror
:: 2 brushes from Nichido
::.Cover Girl Smoothers
::.Coin pouch w/c my BF gave me ^^
::. Blister pack of headache medicine

::. New in the Family Nyx Lipgloss in Real nude.::

Sometimes I tried to bring a small bag and only stuffs that I need, its pretty light but uncomfortable as if Im not wearing anything, but its a good thing that I don't need to take my junkies out of my bag just to find my flash disk and my phone.


  1. haha! may sinelas ka pa dala?

    parang buong bahay ang dala mo. pero good yan kasi dapat ready ka sa lahat ng bagay di ba...

    i had a classmate, pwde ka manghiram kahit ano sa kanya... once i asked her kung meron siya mighty bond kasi nasira strap ng bag ko, meron siya!!! hahaha!!!

  2. Wow sis, that's a crazy amount of stuff that you bring! I'm pretty sure one of these days I'll end up like that. :( I bring so much stuff now anyway.

  3. You can fit so much stuff into that backpack! It must be heavy! XD

  4. Hey there! Thank you so much for entering WIMB. Im glad u join. Please send me 2-3 pics MAX. thanks