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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Response DIY: Thick Hair

As a response on one of my readers asked me to have DIY for thick hair, after researching remedies get rid of this, so sad that It seems all people wanted to have thick hair like yours, I have thin hair but I want bouncy hair, more variety of hairstyle you can put on. I used to have thick hair, but I keep straightening my hair by salon or hair iron, but now I miss my healthy bouncy hair.

Beautiful and thick hair symbolizes elegance. It can enhance your appearance. Your tresses are your assets and you should take requisite care for maintaining long and thick curls. You should preferably cleanse and moisturize your scalp regularly for stimulating growth.

Thick hair can be very unruly when left untamed. Although you may think it's a nightmare there are many ways to get your locks looking luscious and the envy of all your friends.

The natural color of your hair will also determine its texture:

• If you're a redhead you are likely to have the thickest type of hair
• Next come the brunettes
• Blondes tend to have the finest hair.

A good hair cut can be the answer to many thick hair problems, either by having it thinned out by your hair dresser or getting a good layer cut.

Conditioning is important as it will help make the hair look sleeker and give you greater style control.

Blow drying your hair downwards will encourage the cuticles (the outer layer of hair) to lie flat and reflect the light. The result is a new sleeker you.


1. Watch hair length. When thick hair is cut between the ears and chin, it has a tendency to pouf out.

2. Layer strategically. A few layers cut into the ends of your hair can help you avoid a bell shape and keep hair swingy.

3. Try a bob. Thick hair has the bounce and natural movement that make a bob look modern.

4. Avoid thick bangs. When cut straight across your forehead, they can look cartoonish. Instead, wear fringier bangs swept to the side.

5. Go with your hair's natural texture. Thick hair often has a natural wave, so play it up by applying a mousse or gel and scrunching hair as you dry.

6. Try a ponytail. Your hair is the perfect texture for this style!

7. Shampoo daily. Thick hair is often resilient and strong, so it doesn't incur the damage and dryness from daily shampooing that more delicate hair does. Daily washing will keep thick hair shiny, too.

8. Condition just the ends. Because your hair is naturally strong and healthy, it needs just the tiniest bit of conditioner to keep ends supple.

9. Wear a headband. It looks glamorous, and stops hair with lots of body from becoming unruly.

10. Don't go too long. No matter how pretty your hair is, when it reaches your waist, it begins to look scraggly and dated. Keep it three to four inches below your shoulders at the most.

::.Keep your hair away from the hot irons, blow dryers, and anything else that's going to cause damage to your hair. This is what's making it look worse. I have the same hair as you described but I've learned how to work with it. Try to let your hair dry naturally as much as you can so that it doesn't get as puffy. Put in a good leave in conditioner, shine serum, or smoothing lotion after a shower (or when it's dry, depending on the product). This will help to keep it under control.

::.Put your hair up in a bun while it dries...yeah it takes like...5 hours to dry, but it comes out looking better than when it just dries normally. If you don't have the time, scrunch it. My hair looks good when you scrunch it. Get some mousse and put that in your hair when it's wet (but not dripping) and scrunch scrunch scrunch. Try to stay away from the blow drying and let it dry naturally. Put some shine serum or anti frizz product in there and you should be good to go.

Hope all this tips can help you to your concern^^

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  1. very helpful! (esp for my unruly hair). i pretty much agree with everything written here.

    also one thing to add: i rarely brush my hair because i find that it un-clumps my hair making it look more frizzy.